Take it up with my butt, he's the only one that gives a crap.


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Two versions of FHE:Growing up: well-intentioned paertns who wanted to do the right thing. However, every FHE included this week's new plan for cleaning the house. I could describe it using the cliche (which not everyone has heard) the only family fight that begins and ends with a prayer. No good memories, I'm afraid, though a plethora of wonderful memories of my siblings and myself chatting for long hours long after supper something we still do when we get together.My home: Alas, we are nearly empty-nesters, having LEFT our 18-year-old daughter in Las Vegas yesterday after she auditioned for Gladys Knight's choir and GOT IN.I made a FHE chart which we used for years. Each child's name, as well as Bruce's and mine, were written on yellow hearts and rotated to the following assignments: Conduct / prayer / music / lesson / activity / TreatActually, we had wonderful times, and our children participated quite well. Our FHEs are now about ten minutes. The chart is long gone. But when our oldest daughter got married, our wedding gift to her (besides paying for the reception etc.) was material to make her own FHE chart. I included a tape of the song Bruce composed and had played at the start of all our FHEs with the kids dancing rambunctuously. It's called simply the family dance.


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Family Guy Season 9 Episode 3 Quotes

Peter: Hey Babs, settle something for us. I wanted to bring an owl, but Lois wouldn't me. Could you accommodate an owl?
Babs: I suppose there's some room in the owlery, but I can't be certain.

Now let's kiss while the camera pans over to the drapes.