Peter: Who braided your hair? Did the Ewoks braid your hair? So they use spears with wooden tips but understand the finer points of cosmetology?
Lois: I's not as good as Empire.

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My stepfather gave me a toreendmus gift this year by telling me that he no longer wanted any contact with me or any of my family. He is 87, isolated, and sad, which explains why a man of much better social skills in his prime could say such a thing, even if he thought it. He would certainly have never tried such a stunt while my mother lived.But it was a liberation for my brother and I. We had suspected we were unwelcome for almost forty years, but had more often blamed ourselves, as children do. We had tried to please the man and had endured insult for decades, primarily to protect our mother's feelings. I don't know if that was our best choice, but it was the one we made, and it was kindly meant. We harbored hope that we might someday turn it around and impress the man.It was better to wait for him to do the rejecting, cutting us off. Had we made the break, we would have had residual suspicions that we had not done enough to patch up differences. But with his veneer worn away by sad circumstance, our consciences and our self-picture are both clear. He wanted a pretty young wife, and we were baggage. We did what we could and far more than what was fair. Training in that hard school made me a better father.The mild sting of open rejection was a far lesser price to pay than the one we had been paying. In personality development, the bad news is sometimes good news.

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Family Guy Season 9 Episode 18 Quotes

Carter: If you will not be turned, you will be destroyed.
Chris: Oh yea? You and what lightning hands?

Hey Leia, you got a date to we-killed-thousands-of-people dance tonight?