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Franklin & Bash Season 3

"Gone in a Flash"

On the Franklin & Bash, the house fire comes back to haunt Pindy and the boys while Damien finds a surprising foe when he goes in front of the judicial committee.

"Shoot to Thrill"

Peter and Jared defend a bounty hunter. Jared brings Peter along on a double date. Karp decides to take a new approach to life. Pindar continues to stalk a famous famous neighbor.

"Out of the Blue"

Infeld tries to help Damien when he's accused or killing a judge while Peter and Jared take on the case of an owner whose business was hit by a meteorite on Franklin & Bash.


The boys take on a heckler who's targeting a top baseball prospect and Damien's mentor meets an untimely end on Franklin & Bash.

Peter finally meets Charlie's daughter and the boys defend a man accused of murdering his rival in practical jokes on Franklin & Bash.

"By the Numbers"

Peter makes an unexpected discovery about Charlie and he and Jared defend an actuary accused of murder on Franklin & Bash.

"Captain Johnny"

Rachel works on a wrongful termination case that involves a psychic while the boys take on the case of a fisherman and a curbside sofa starts a war with Rob Lowe on Franklin & Bash.

"Good Lovin"

Jane Seymour guest stars as Peter's mom who gets arrested on charges of prostitution as the boys set out to prove her innocence on Franklin & Bash.

"Dead and Alive"

The group works from Infeld's beach house where Peter tries to attract the eye of a neighbor. The gang tries to help a veteran who has been declared dead by the government on Franklin & Bash.

"Coffee and Cream"

On the season 3 premiere of Franklin & Bash, Heather Locklear joins the cast as hotshot attorney Rachel King who embarrasses the boys on national TV.

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