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"Small World"

Jax brings a new proposal to SAMCRO this week. And it brings with it some serious consequences.

"Orca Shrugged"

What new business is out there? SAMCRO looks into it on this episode of Sons of Anarchy.

"Stolen Huffy"

Rest in peace, Opie. This Sons of Anarchy episode is dedicated to the burying one of the club's own.

"Laying Pipe"

SAMCRO finds itself in a desperate situation this week, as internal strife affects the club.

"Authority Vested"

Mistakes and sins from the past resurface for Jax and SAMCRO on the second Sons of Anarchy episode of season five.


Jax is now the SAMCRO President. We delve into the ramification of that move on the Season 5 premiere of Sons of Anarchy.

"To Be, Act 2"

Sons of Anarchy closes out season four with an episode that forces Jax into a corner. He makes a decision that changes the lives of all around him.

"To Be, Act 1"

Jax faces a new challenge on part one of the season finale. Can he keep his family intact?

"Burnt and Purged Away"

The Irish make their presence felt on Sons of Anarchy this week. SAMCRO must negotiate with them in order to secure the club's future.

"Call of Duty"

SAMCRO faces opposition from both outside and inside the club on the latest episode of Sons of Anarchy. Opie also learns the truth.