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"The Next Month"

Marilyn worries about the ethics when Eli reconnects with Natalie Flores while Alicia and Cary move into their new offices on The Good Wife.

"The Next Week"

When Zach realizes that the camera on Alicia's computer is being accessed remotely, they begin to wonder if Lockhart Gardner is spying on them on The Good Wife.

"The Next Day"

Will and Diane stall on sending files over to Alicia and Cary when they take another Lockhart, Gardner client on The Good Wife.

"Hitting the Fan"

It all comes out on this episode of The Good Wife. Will confronts Alicia about her plans to leave the firm.

"Outside the Bubble"

Alicia takes steps as she prepares to leave Lockhart Gardner while Eli and Jackie clash concerning her influence over Peter's administration on The Good Wife.

"A Precious Commodity"

Alicia's situation becomes even more precarious when Will and Diane end up at odds with one another on The Good Wife.

"The Bit Bucket"

Alicia and Cary do not realize that a lawsuit against the NSA means that the spy agency has been monitoring Lockhart Gardner's communication on The Good Wife.

"Everything is Ending"

Alicia puts all of her efforts into preventing the execution of a convicted murderer as she secretly plans to leave and start a new firm with Cary on the season 5 premiere of The Good Wife.

"What's in the Box?"

On the fourth season finale of The Good Wife, Alicia, Diane and Will scramble for emergency court proceedings when Zack believes he witnesses vote tampering on the night of the election.

"A More Perfect Union"

Alicia takes on a case as a favor to her mother but it ends up having surprising consequences for the firm. Also, Peter asks Alicia to renew their vows on The Good Wife.