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-Jane tells LIsbon he's narrowed the list of Red John suspects down to seven but he won't tell her who.


-Eileen Turner is murdered in a motel room by Red John and her baby, Caitlin is stolen. Eileen's real name was Eileen (Leelee) Barlow who Jane knew as a child. He shares a happy memory about Eileen with Lisbon that he says he's never shared with anyone. 


-Eileen's husband, Roddy, and uncle Shawn were enemies. Patrick knows Shawn Barlow.  Barlow tells Jane that Red John is truly psychic. That's how he stays a step ahead of Jane.


-Jane has Roddy and Shawn come to child protective services. Then he informs everyone that Caitlin is at a local hospital. Ms. Gottlieb, the social worker in charge of Eileen's case makes a call on her cell phone. Van Pelt tracks it to a house where they find baby Caitlin, alive and well.


-Ms. Gottlieb was working for Red John. He wanted Eileen dead and if she helped, she could keep the baby.  Ms. Gottlieb gives Jane a disc from Red John, then she kills herself.


-The disc is of Lorelei before she was killed. Red John said he'd spare her great pain if she read this message to Jane.  Red John, through Lorelei tells Jane that he knows he'll narrow down the list to seven suspects and he already knows which ones: Gale Bertram, Brett Stiles, Raymond Haffner, Reede Smith, Bob Kirkland, Sheriff Thomas McAllister, and Brett Partridge. 


-Red John tells Jane he'll take one of his happy memories and kill it and during the investigation he'll lead him to this disc. He says he's going to start killing again, often. Until Jane catches him or he catches Jane.

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@bwr, regarding your second question, perhaps with the rule change RJ would now kill Jane rather than try to convert him as before. I need to re-watch and ponder.


I think you're right on target @katempw, totally believable at this point!


Here are my semi-rational mind reading explanations: 1. Eileen/LeeLee Barlowe: Jane was institutionalised for 6 months. The docs likely pulled all sorts of things from him, including what takes him to a happy place. This info is in his file. RJ has read the file. He has the reach and the resources. 2. List of 7: RJ would have no problem getting access to Jane's initial list of 1,357 names (men). He knows how Jane thinks. Beyond that, logic dictates Jane would whittle the suspects down to only those who could be at each scene. RJ can do the same math. He has the reach and the resources.


The two biggest questions I want to hear your answers to: 1) How did RJ know who Jane would narrow the final 7 down to before he actually did(he sent this around episode 16, Jane didn't get the list down to 7 until episode 22), what theories do you have? 2) What did RJ mean when he said "i'll keep hunting until I catch you?" We know he doesn't want to kill Jane, what are your theories on what this could mean?


Haha @Entwife, good point. Discussion re: Jane's personal hygiene to be continued in the morning :)


Oh, I'm in for next season, totally in lol.I believe there is a non-supernatural explanation for RJ. I believe it because Patrick totally believes that is bunk, even now. I don't think they're actually going to turn into our zombie-slaying team from a couple episodes ago, that last 3-wk hiatus, right? The stuff about Lisbon lying in bed thinking about Patrick. That was obviously an eyedropper of sugar water for Jisbon shippers and I'm glad of it because we're living in Bangladesh or Ethiopia during the drought out here and we need an aid shipment out this way, no matter who might think we deserve our fate. I have a lot of thoughts about the Jisbon in this episode, but they're not well ordered right now. Suffice it to say that it must be true love if Jisbon is willing to drive all over California closed up in a car with a ripe Patrick Jane who hasn't showered or changed clothes in at least two days, probably more. Phew-eee! hahahaha


Hi guys!
I just watched it the second time - same strange feeling about the whole ep.
I have to sleep over it and see what tomorrow brings. Right now, I really don't know what to say. Confused?


And the other problem with this episode is Bruno is directly feeding what he was worried about....making RJ too powerful and setting up inevitable dissapointment when fans find out who he was. This was something in an interview he directly said a yr ago he was worried about, and then he goes on and has conversations about RJ having "super natural powers" and reading Patrick Jane to such extremes. This is a big hole there digging themselves in and we all know they won't satisfy all our questions about RJ and the plot. But they continue to open up more and more questions rather than answer them, there just asking for a mess at the end. We already know we're probably not going to ever get a good answer for how RJ knows Jane's childhood dream and there will be flaws in how RJ knew of Jane's list of 7. Prediction: I really feel Partridge is RJ. I will give the show credit here, they did a good job making the focus not about RJ itself but how can Jane catch him and what RJ could do to Jane and who he cares about. They just went about it in a bizarre way.


Hmmm, as expected, there is divergence of opinion! Devoted as I am, I will watch next year to see how this pans out. It is bizarre no doubt but I have to believe there will be a semi rational explanation and resolution. At the same time, this is television so I don't mind wilfully suspending my disbelief. I am optimistic and don't think Bruno will leave TM and the viewers in la-la land. He's too smart. Just my opinion. And fervent hope.


The problem ultimately with this episode is that the whole pt of this season was for fans to learn more about RJ, to not make him a mystery, for us to get closer to catching him......ultimately though, we've only gotten further...we really know nothing about RJ....just more and more questions. After 5 years we still have ZERO clue as to why everybody who works with him(who's just friends with him even) will die for him when there are in custody. this season the RJ arch was way too forced it felt, even this episode, compare the finale last yr to this yr and how much drama there was. This year, for 53 min, we basically had nothing but a normal episode, it was only in the end when BOMBSHELLS dropped and I mean BOMBSHELLS that completely change everything about this show. You couldn't have put that earlier in the season? That to me just speaks to laziness and or uncreative writing.

The Mentalist Season 5 Episode 22 Quotes

Jane: If I tell you why I won't tell you you'll get mad at me.
Lisbon: I'm already mad at you.

Jane: This is Red John.
Lisbon: How can you tell?
Jane: Because when it's him I can feel it.