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When Charlie runs into Rose at the grocery store, he becomes obsessed with the recently married, unattainable version of her.  When she denies him, the roles reverse, and Charlie soon becomes Rose's stalker.  They sleep together, but Rose tells Charlie it's a one time thing and Manny can't find out.  She's crazy, but she's good.

Meanwhile, Jake and Eldridge do a series of homemade stunts to make their own homemade version of Jackass.  They call it Dumbass.  Or Assketeeers.  Either way they nearly kill themselves but Alan's reactions are pretty funny.

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TL;DL! I told Tal it was too long and you'd get comments like this, but he didn't bileeve me! :O :O :O Seriously tho, 80 minutes is enormously long for a weekly podcast. Even 50 minutes was kinda pushing it, in my opinion. 30-40 minutes per episode would be perfect if it's a weekly deal. 60 minutes if it's bi-weekly. You guys do tend to wander off-topic a lot.


It good to have Rose back in an episode. Rose is to "Two and a Half Men" as Abby is to "NCIS". They bring a life to otherwise repetitious doldrums scripts.

Two and a Half Men Season 8 Episode 14 Quotes

Alan: What about her tattoo of you on her left butt cheek?
Charlie: I wish she hadn't done that. After she takes a hot bath I start to look like Edward James Olmos.

What's up Mccallen? We can grow old together. You're only 20 and I doubt you're gonna make it to 21.