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Alan pretends to be Charlie at home while the latter is off getting plastic surgery.  Alan manages to bring back a girl using his Charlie persona.  It turns out the girl knew he wasn't actually Charlie, as she went home with Charlie before... but she likes to role play.

Charlie, meanwhile, pretends to go to Vegas but actually gets his eyes done at the surgeon. 

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who played the part of dr. shankman? and who played the part of the dr. that was going to do charlie's vasectomy? NOT the same guy, right?


I love this show one of my favs! And it just keeps getting better.

Two and a Half Men Season 8 Episode 5 Quotes

That 60 Minutes report on Dr. Shankman was entirely one-sided, just like that poor woman's vagina.


Evelyn: When this heals, I'll have the face of a twelve year old girl.
Charlie: But from the neck down you'll have an the body of an Egyptian mummy.