The Simpsons Season 26 Episode 16 Review: Sky Police

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The Simpsons has done quite a few spoofs of movies. Add 21 to the list. 

Though it started out seemingly as an episode about "Sky Police", it turns out the title of The Simpsons Season 26 Episode 16 was a little misleading. Instead the main story focused on black jack and card counting at a casino. 

I've seen 21 and enjoyed it, so the premise didn't bother me, though I do think it could have been better executed. For one, did anyone else think it was weird that no one mentioned Marge's gambling problem? I thought for sure Lisa was about to when she caught her, but even she allowed herself to be manipulated into keeping her mom's secret. 

Card counting is not illegal, though it is frowned upon. Apparently in Atlantic City there's a law preventing casinos from banning people suspected of card counting, so if you're going to do it, that'd be the place to go. 

Marge lied to Homer by telling him they were raising the money with a "review," which sounded like a show based on the context, but I've never heard that term used that way before. It basically sounded like some sort of play with music and skits. Homer seemed pretty disappointed that "Cats and Dogs" was never meant to be. 

It's surprising how quickly Ned jumped on board with the gambling plan, but I guess he's willing to go along with just about anything Reverend Lovejoy approves. It's still hard to imagine him playing black jack. 

There was quite a bit of debate and discussion over prayer and morality. I actually thought Homer's arguments to the goons were the best (and funniest) though. I definitely think he's gotten smarter this season. He's really had his moments to shine. 

How disturbing was the Reverend Lovejoy/Helen scene? I did not blame Marge one bit for wanting to vomit when Helen invited her inside. Yuck. 

I was actually a little disappointed we didn't get to spend more time with Chief Wiggum and the jet pack. I think "Sky Police" could have easily filled its own episode. Could you imagine if Ralph had stumbled upon it? I would have loved to see him trying to fly around in that thing. 

What about you guys? Did you enjoy the 21 spoof? Would you have preferred spending more time with the "Sky Police?" 

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Sky Police Review

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