Family Guy Season 16 Episode 14 Review: The Veteran Guy

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Peter has a long history of stupidity and on Family Guy Season 16 Episode 14 he continues that history when he picks up a cap at the thrift store that causes people to think he's a veteran.

He tried to tell people the truth but they just wouldn't listen. Because the cap was so cool and after realizing there were perks being a veteran, he decided to keep pretending -- even convincing the guys to pretend along with him.

Quagmire Leads the Way - Family Guy Season 16 Episode 14

It was a stupid idea and that's pretty much Peter's trademark.

The funniest thing about the whole situation was that he wasn't even wearing a legitimate veteran's cap anyway.

He was wearing a hat from the fictional Nathan James, and the person who called him out on it was none other than Eric Dane (guest voice as himself) aka Captain Tom Chandler from the hit TNT series The Last Ship.

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Quagmire could have abandoned his idiot friends when they were forced to join the Coast Guard as punishment for violating the Stolen Valor Act, but he joined right along with them mostly because he thought it'd be a good experience for them. 

He should have known that they'd take this about as seriously as they take everything else which is not serious at all. The scene of them doing their basic training was hilarious.

The Coast Guard Boys

The best part of this whole installment was that Quagmire ended up being the hero -- the true veteran of the group who sometimes doesn't get the credit he deserves.

Most just want to blast him for being a pervert, but Glenn is one outstanding dude.

Even in the face of frustration, he came back to save his friends -- not once, but twice. If it wasn't for him, there would have been a disaster on the boat and all those kids would have died either from gunfire (how the hell did a group of frat boys get a van full of guns anyway -- should we delve into that?) or the bomb.

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Glenn doesn't get the credit he deserves. This is isn't the first time he been the most sensible one of the group. If you think about it, he's also the most successful of them all. 

The guy's an airplane pilot for crying out loud. They're lucky he's even hanging out with them at all because not only is he above their pay grade, he's above their brain grade as well.

Captain Peter? - Family Guy Season 16 Episode 14

You would have thought that the idea of guarding a bunch hot spring break girls would have put Quagmire in overdrive, but instead, he was focused on the job at hand and trying to get his friends to take their new responsibility seriously.

It was refreshing to see Glenn not trying to get giggity with it because he's so much more than just a 24/7 sex machine.

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Hell, the guy can do anything, and he would do anything for anyone. Isn't that true for all the guys? Except maybe Cleveland. He's pretty much all about himself, and he's a faker. 

What kind of idiot has to pretend he's not shopping at a thrift store when he runs into someone he knows. Smart people go thrift shopping (do you know the amount of name brand clothing you can find at thrift stores?!) so that tells you everything you need to know about Cleveland.

I just don't like the character. There's nothing redeemable about the guy. I can't think of one positive he's contributed to any part of Family Guy.

If I'm mistaken, please enlighten me because I just don't see it. 

Saving the Day - Family Guy Season 16 Episode 14

I loved the Olive Garden cutaway. I used to be a big Olive Garden fan, but now I find it as disgusting as Peter and the gang found it after eating too many endless pasta bowls. It's surprising that even Peter has a limit, but isn't that the case with anything?

Still, it was hilarious watching them go from robusto to disgusto. 

Over to you guys!

What did you think of "The Veteran Guy"? Are you glad Peter is back with his stupid antics or would you like to see more experimental episodes?

Were you excited to see Quagmire being a hero again? How did those frat boys get that van full of guns? 

Hit the comments and share your thoughts!

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The Veteran Guy Review

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Family Guy Season 16 Episode 14 Quotes

You've never seen a homeless vet, and people are being really nice to me. They open doors for you.


Compared to the Navy the Coast Guard is totally unprofessional and incompetent.