Dynasty Season 2 Episode 10 Review: A Champagne Mood

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No time got wasted on Dynasty Season 2 Episode 10.

The crash at the end of Dynasty Season 2 Episode 9 was addressed immediately revealing that Jeff Colby didn't just survive, he thrived after his brush with death. 

I was expecting the storyline, specifically the feud between Colby and Culhane to be a bit more drawn out, but I'm also glad we don't have to watch the only two African American characters go after each other for longer than necessary.

Bullet Wound - Tall  - Dynasty Season 2 Episode 10

When things were going good, Culhane and Colby made a solid team. They have a lot more in common than they initially believed. 

Colby may have been feeling some type of way -- and it wasn't the drugs talking -- but he still needed Culhane to pay for what he did. 

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Revenge is popular in soaps, but I don't necessarily consider what Colby did to be vengeful. 

He may have snickered while telling Fallon the truth, and his intention may have been to sabotage their relationship, but telling her the truth was the right thing to do.

Blake: Believe me, there was no other choice.
Monica: You, Blake, should never start a sentence with believe me.

Whatever happened next wasn't on Colby. 

Fallon gave Culhane plenty of chances to tell him the whole truth, and he purposefully left out that he'd decided to continue his dealings with Ada even after he'd gotten the blackmail back. 

It's possible Culhane was embarrassed by his naivety, or he just didn't want Fallon to look down on him. 

But Fallon is all about transparency in a relationship. Without trust, there is nothing left. 

Culhane should be glad she followed through on clearing his name and getting Nico off of his back. All hail Fallon, the Queen of blackmail. 

Fallon is a strong woman who didn't let her emotions affect her decision to help a man she cared about.

Despite Fallon's meddling, it doesn't seem like Culhane's shaken Ada just yet. His family was the target of a robbery by the end of the episode, and my gut instinct is that the blonde mobster had something to do with it. 

I Need Your Help - Dynasty Season 2 Episode 10

How is he going to get out of messes without the Carrington's?

Colby's death scene was ridiculous. Almost as absurd as Monica's Michael Jackson-inspired outfit. I could not take her seriously in those jeans and that bedazzled jacket. 

Usually, the fashion on Dynasty is impeccable, or at least stylistically appealing, but there was nothing okay about that MJ look.

On the other hand, for a guy who almost died, Colby was functioning and looking better than I do on a daily basis, 

Monica said Colby's desire to make amends with his mother would bring back "trouble" into their lives. I really cannot wait to see what that means. By no means does this show need any more drama, but it also can't hurt, can it?

I'm willing to bet Colby's mother isn't going to appreciate that her son went into business with her estranged step-brother. 

So I would like to propose a toast to me time becoming we time becoming three time.


We've all been down the Blake and Colby working together road before -- we know it isn't pretty.

Fallon turned to Liam to help Culhane, and it required her to come clean about Uncle Max. 

Liam's face after finding out, and then again after finding out what Fallon did to secure the deal, was priceless. 

Liam deserves better than to be summoned by Fallon whenever she needs his help fixing an issue, especially when it comes to Culhane.

It's almost like she keeps pushing in the knife further and further. 

Seeing Liam most likely played a role in Fallon's ultimate decision to call off things with Culhane. 

It didn't help that on two occasions, people pointed out that "they hoped he was worth it."

You could see Fallon wondering if he was really worth it. Finding out that he had lied to her when she gave him a chance to come clean was the last straw. 

Now, I know we're all pretty bummed to find out that Liam has a new squeeze. 

Party Planners - Dynasty Season 2 Episode 10

Should we be surprised? Absolutely not. 

Liam is a catch. Are we disappointed? Absolutely. 

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More than likely, this new girl he's going on a vacation with is just a rebound, and when he finds out about Fallon's break-up with Culhane, he'll give her a second chance. 

Just a quick scene between Liam and Fallon revealed so much passion bubbling underneath the surface. 

The two most shocking moments had nothing to do with either Fallon or Colby, though. 

We've all been a little suspicious of new Cristal since she just inserted herself into the family, and we aren't entirely sure where Steven is. 

But all of that was explained, or at least, we began making some headway towards an explanation. 

Cristal is pregnant, but the baby may or may not be Blake's. The other man? Some dude named M. Jennings who knows about her love affair with Blake. 

Does this explain why she cried when she saw the Jennings name printed on a soccer jersey? Or why she struggled with telling Blake about the baby?

I'm leaning towards the child not being Blake's just because of how quickly it would have happened.

All of this leads me to believe that Cristal is playing out some long con to rob Blake dry. 

But I can also see her starting to enjoy her life and the people in it -- specifically Sammy -- enough to stay. 

Baby Jennings - Dynasty Season 2 Episode 10

There's not a doubt in my mind that Alexis will dig into the pregnancy. She's very protective and jealous of  Blake, so she's going to want to figure out what Cristal's agenda is more than anyone.

Then we have the elusive Steven Carrington who is definitely not in Paraguay. 

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I guess James McKay's departure from the show was only temporary. I've missed him!

It's unclear what Steven is really up to, but it isn't smoking ayahuasca in the jungle that's for sure. 

Why has he been ignoring Sammy's phone calls? Why is he dining at some fancy restaurant? Why did he send Sammy divorce papers?

I guess that's what love is. Doing things you don't want to for people who don't quite deserve it.


All I'm saying is Steven better have a damn good reason for putting Sammy through hell. 

He left shortly aftervtheir wedding to "find himself," but has been lying ever since, and Sammy's been made out to be the bad guy because he gave into temptation. 

I don't condone Sammy's actions, but I can't blame him for feeling like he was kicked to the curb after he saw those documents. 

I'm not surprised he's spiraling with all these mixed emotions. 

On the plus side, Sammy's cheating offered us a very feisty Fallon, and I can never complain about that. 

Okay, Dynasty Fanatics! Sound-off below with your theories.

Is Blake the father? What does Cristal want from the Carringtons? 

What is Steven really up to, anyway?

Be sure to watch Dynasty online, so you're all caught up! 

A Champagne Mood Review

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Dynasty Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Blake: Believe me, there was no other choice.
Monica: You, Blake, should never start a sentence with believe me.

I guess that's what love is. Doing things you don't want to for people who don't quite deserve it.