6 Things We Want to See On the Good Girls Season 2 Finale

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After a successful and invigorating second effort, the Good Girls Season 2 finale is upon us.

There have been many highs and lows along the way, but the finale is poised to be one of the most explosive episodes of the series. The stakes are higher than ever, and the ladies are running out of options.

As we get ready for Good Girls Season 2 Episode 13, we put together the top six things we’d like to see on this game-changing installment.

1. Stan Off The Hook 

Father Daughter Bonding Time - Good Girls Season 2 Episode 11

We all know Stan committed a crime. But so have a lot of people on this show.

Stan is a family man through and through, and he’s proven over and over again that he will do whatever is necessary to protect them.

He doesn’t deserve to go away for any amount of time, and if we could wish for one thing it would be for him to find a way to walk free.

In a perfect world, Stan would get completely exonerated, and he could go right back to his job at the station.

Unfortunately, that probably won’t happen, but we’ll take a free Stan over anything.

2. Turner's Case Gets Derailed

Coming For You - Good Girls Season 2 Episode 10

For Stan to get off scot-free, the case against him and the ladies has to disappear.

Turner has been on a mission to bring everyone down, but his main focus has always been Beth.

It’s a bit creepy how laser-focused he is on her. Even Noah has pointed this out.

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His main goal is to put Beth away, but that can’t happen if his case falls apart.

And his case does have flaws that can be exploited, especially now that a certain man is back in the picture.

Which brings us to our next request…

3. Boomer Gone…Again

Donuts For One - Good Girls Season 2 Episode 2

The original villain of this story, Boomer, was presumed dead, but is now back on our screens again.

The show has existed flawlessly without his presence and we don’t need him back for any length of time.

That’s not a knock on the actor, but the Boomer character has seemingly run its course.

The best thing he can do at this point is helping the ladies outsmart Turner, and disappear once again.

Quite frankly where he goes is irrelevant at this point. He just needs to be gone. 

4. Happy Annie

Annie Chills Out - Good Girls Season 2 Episode 1

All of the ladies have been stressed out to the maximum while dealing with the "business" and family, which seems to constantly overlap. 

But Annie, in particular, has been put through the wringer. 

She started this season happy at times, as she rekindled things with Gregg, but also hurting inside.

She realized how hurtful their affair was to Nancy and Sadie, and although it broke her heart she ended things once again. 

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That led her to Noah, who got her and made her feel loved and desired. But he was also using her and playing her. 

His true intentions right now are still up for debate, but any way you slice it, Annie's heart has gotten hurt once again. We need it to stop!

Annie deserves to smile, be free, and be happy. It may not happen in the next sixty minutes of the series, but it most certainly should!

5. A Brio Decision 

Beth & Rio - Good Girls Season 2 Episode 6

Do Beth and Rio have amazing chemistry? Yes.

Do they care about one another in a way that goes beyond the physical? Maybe. 

These two went from tap dancing around their attraction to giving in to it, and now they're in limbo. 

The will-they-won't-they has suddenly been replaced with now what? 

We're going need these two to figure out what they want from one another and travel down that road for awhile. 

And it wouldn't hurt for Rio to let his guard down a bit and be more open.

What does Rio want? We may not be ready for that answer, but we need to hear it. 


Cheers - Good Girls Season 2 Episode 13

This point goes dead last because there's pretty much no scenario in which we don't get a cliffhanger, but it would be nice to have some resolution this season. 

Good Girls Season 1 Episode 10 left with a crazy cliffhanger that left us holding our breath for months. 

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This season it would be nice to have everything come full circle, with Stan free and Turner and Boomer gone, Annie happier than ever, and a Beth and Rio decision. 

Is that too much to ask? 

This wish list may be a bit ambitious, but hey, isn't it fun to dream sometimes?

Make sure you share all your thoughts in the comment section.

Let us know what you would add to the list or scratch off of it. 

And watch Good Girls online right now before the finale.

You don't want to miss a thing! 

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