Supernatural Season 15 Episode 4 Review: Atomic Monsters

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Chuck can't let things be. Did we ever think he would, anyway?

On Supernatural Season 15 Episode 4, while Sam and Dean investigate a monster-of-the-week case, Chuck decides to get back to work -- unfortunately.

Sam and Dean's life wouldn't be what it is without Chuck. And Chuck can't seem to live his life without Sam and Dean.

Billy the Monster - Supernatural Season 15 Episode 4

Well, at least Chuck finds life boring without his two favorite demon hunters.

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Before we get to Chuck's trevails, lets talk about the monster case.

It was interesting enough -- old school Sam and Dean stuff.

Some people might have suspected Billy as the villain, but that one came out of left field for me.

Sam Investigates - Supernatural Season 15 Episode 4

At least Billy recognized what he was and was willing to do what was necessary so he'd stop killing in the future.

And he went willingly with them to meet his fate.

It was actually kind of sad and reminded me of the werewolf girl (can't remember her name) that Sam had to kill many seasons ago.

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Sometimes, the monsters don't want to be monsters -- it's just a fate that was dealt to them.

And one which they can't do anything about in the whole scheme of things. They know what they are and know that there's only one option for them to rid themselves of what they are.

An Ending is Coming - Supernatural Season 15 Episode 4

Unfortunately for Sam and Dean, the responsibility of stopping the monsters falls on them. 

It isn't always an easy task.

This hour could have been all about the monster case, but it got interspersed with good ol' Chuck.

Chuck, who with a little ego-stroking by Becky, went back to his old, evil self.

A Death and a Disappearance - Supernatural

What a bastard.

She should've kicked him out. It was annoying as hell when he made Becky's husband and kids disappeared after he wrote the ending to the Winchesters.

He even made her disappear which was the worst of all.

Amara should have made Chuck disappear before she walked out on him earlier in the season.

One thing we know, though, is that whatever ending is in store for Sam and Dean has been written.

Checking Out the Girls - Supernatural Season 15 Episode 4

It doesn't mean it's set in stone, but it's there. 

And Chuck seems to be happy with it even if Becky was shocked at what he did to Sam and Dean at the end.

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Apparently Chuck has written Sam and Dean's ending. 

Whatever ending they do end up with, I hope it's not a horrible ending.

Either let them fight until the end -- a fair fight -- or let them die in peace, if they have to die.

Not the Monster - Supernatural Season 15 Episode 4

What's even sadder is that they still think Chuck is out of their lives, and that they can move on freely as they wish.

Too bad that's not the case.

The ideal scenario would be if Sam and Dean could kill Chuck once and for all. 

A godless world wouldn't be so bad, at least not in Sam and Dean's world.

And Chuck hasn't been much of a God anyway. 

If you think about it, maybe Cas could become the new God, maybe not the God, but a secondary God that might have more compassion and not be so frivolous with human life as Chuck has been.

It seemed, at the end, that Chuck wasn't completely happy with his ending as he was writing some more. 

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Maybe he was juicing it up a bit with more monsters that might be impossible for Sam and Dean to beat.

Whatever he's doing, someone needs to stop him.

If Sam and Dean can't beat him, maybe someone else will help them out.

There are many scenarios involving different people from angels to demons to spirits to plain old human beings who could come to Sam and Dean's aid and end the nightmare they're living at the hands of Chuck.

The other question is how soon before Chuck's new masterpiece becomes a reality for Sam and Dean's life.

Will it start immediately like the minute they get back to the bunker?

Or will it start when they start getting comfortable again.

Over the Shoulder - Supernatural Season 15 Episode 4

Sam talking about life, as it always is, was heartbreaking.

He's tired. They're both tired. And him reminiscing about Jessica was hard to swallow.

He could have had a great life. They both could have.

But Chuck didn't want that for either of them.

Whatever Chuck has planned isn't going to be pleasant.

Sam has a Plan - Supernatural Season 15 Episode 4

I hope that Chuck meets his maker -- maybe Amara will put us all out of our misery!

Over to you!

What did you think of "Atomic Monsters"?

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What kind of ending did Chuck give Sam and Dean?

What kind of ending do you want to see?

How will Sam and Dean react when they find out Chuck is still alive?

Do you like Chuck?

Will Becky return?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts.

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Supernatural Season 15 Episode 4 Quotes

Somebody's got a fetish.


Sam: Look, Dean, you can handle this on your own.
Dean: No, you and me.