The Resident Round Table: Thanksgiving Fun!

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It was all about Thanksgiving during The Resident Season 3 Episode 8.

AJ brought both of his families together for the holidays, Nic spent time with Kyle, Conrad saved his young neighbor, and Bell and Mina teamed up against Logan.

Join TV Fanatics Carissa Pavlica, Rachel Foertsch, and Meaghan Frey as they discuss the hour.

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Which medical case did you find the most entertaining?

Carissa: Rudolph through the leg was pretty gruesome. So much for that sweet, socially-challenged holiday favorite!

Rachel: I found them all equally entertaining. Devon and Irving's bet was comedic, and I liked all the Thanksgiving-related injuries that were coming into the ER!

Meaghan: The VIP case. Watching Bell get to school Logan was such a cathartic experience. Logan and Cain think they are running the hospital, but Bell proved why he is the backbone of it.

Conrad had another case with a young kid, and he did everything in his power to make sure the boy survived. Do you think Conrad and Nic will broach the topic of kids soon?

Carissa: I hope they discuss the topic of marriage before they get to the kids discussion. They are both so busy, and they need to be sure they can raise their chickens before broaching another responsible topic.

Rachel: I'm with Carissa. I'm still shocked that they've gone this long without any drama, so I'd like to see how their relationship continues to progress naturally.

I have to admit, I want them to get married already, mostly so I can stop waiting for something to break them up.

Visiting Jessica - Tall  - The Resident Season 3 Episode 7

Meaghan: We are all in agreement about this one. I can see Conrad wanting kids, but that is going to be way too big of a step and could scare Nic off.

They need to settle into living together and just being happy and then they can think about what comes next for them.

Are you enjoying the exploration of AJ's personal life this season?

Carissa: Yes, very much. His family was adorable, and I appreciate that they get along so well. Other shows would work that angle for all the possible drama, but instead, it's done warmly.

Thirst Traps - Tall - The Resident Season 3 Episode 8

Rachel: Yes! I love his family, and I love that his adoptive parents and his biological parents are getting along so well. I'm happy AJ is finally warming up to everyone. You can't have too much family.

Meaghan: I absolutely adore his bio family! They fit so well into his family, and they all play off each other so well. I love that even without AJ there for dinner, they still all spent the holiday together.

What were your thoughts on his brothers and the two families meeting?

Carissa: Everything about this story is very well done. Even his brothers, who at first seemed like they'd grate on AJ's nerves, found a way to connect with their older brother.

Rachel: The entire meeting was great. Things may have been a bit awkward at first, but they all came together as a family by the end of the night. I hope things continue to go in a positive direction.

Meaghan: The brothers are great. It is good that the writers recognize that this is an awkward thing for them too, not just AJ. They are all experiencing this together and embracing that allows things to feel really organic between them, and I love it.

We saw the return of the Bell and Mina partnership, and cocky Bell putting Logan in his place. React.

Carissa: They've both changed so much since their initial interactions that working together now is, of course, a delight.

She was standoffish and laser-focused on her career when she was helping him through his, ah, rough patch, and he was carrying a giant chip on his shoulder. Chastain works miracles!

VIP Patient - Tall - The Resident Season 3 Episode 8

Rachel: I still can't believe that the show has managed to make Bell one of my favorite characters. Bell and Mina may have been enemies, but this episode proved that they work much better when they're on the same side.

In the past, I would have been rooting for someone to put Bell in his place, but I found myself cheering when Bell told Logan off. You go, Randolph!

Soothing Ryan - Tall - The Resident Season 3 Episode 8

Meaghan: Such a great dynamic! They both are such strong hard-headed personalities, but they work together so well.

I love that Mina didn't go into the situation just being a lackey. She is Bell's equal who went in to give an honest opinion, and she did just that.

Logan needed to be brought down a peg or 100, and Bell did it in the best way he could. He proved his worth and proved him wrong.

Kyle was especially melancholic as the hour progressed, and he went home alone to watch videos of Jessie. Was his behavior concerning? What do you think the series has in store for him?

Carissa: If it wasn't Thanksgiving, I'd be concerned about Kyle's behavior. But it's the first holiday without Jessie, and Kyle must have been thinking about how much she loved the holiday (and him) all day.

Every time I watch Christmas Vacation I cry like a baby while laughing out loud because I remember my dad laughing at the saucer-sled scene, and he's been dead since 1997. It's OK to get melancholic during the holiday when you miss someone you love, as long as you can pull it together again when they pass.

Worried Father  - The Resident Season 3 Episode 8

Rachel: I agree with Carissa. I think it would have been more concerning if Kyle wasn't acting the way he was. I can only imagine what it must feel like to lose a daughter, but I know that everyone handles loss differently.

I was actually a bit surprised that Nic didn't invite her father over, to begin with. She's the only family he has left, and it was their first Thanksgiving without Jessie.

Saving a Child - Tall  - The Resident Season 3 Episode 8

Meaghan: I am hoping that this was just related to the holiday. Nic can't afford to deal with any more heartbreak surrounding her family right now.

The one thing that worries me is that there seems to be such an emphasis on him this season, which makes me feel like something is coming. Maybe not right now, but down the road.

What was your favorite moment of the hour?

Carissa: When AJ's birth father said, "Maybe we dodged a bullet not keeping him" or something like that, and AJ responded, "too soon" or "it's too soon for jokes," before they all started laughing together.

That moment was everything and assured us all that a new family, a larger, more diverse family, had been born. I loved that moment.

Impaled - Tall - The Resident Season 3 Episode 8

Rachel: The Christmas-related injury at the end! Sorry Irving, it looks like Devon got you!

Meaghan: Everything related to AJ's family's Thanksgiving, but especially Lamar telling him something was wrong with Yee because he was so happy. That moment killed me!

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