Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 1 Review: How Do You Begin to Count the Losses

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Thank goodness all the doctors made it out alive!

Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 1 picked up where it left off, with Will, Hannah, and Dylan trapped in a burning building. Thanks to their friends over at Chicago Fire, everyone got to safety. But the collective sigh of relief we all felt only lasted a second before the real drama began.

Well played, Chicago Med! This was a hell of a season opener that'll be tough to top.

Working Together - Chicago Med

Unsurprisingly, everyone had aftereffects from the fire. Well, except for Will, at least so far.

Will spent most of the hour insisting on helping Choi with Hannah's case despite Will's inability to be objective about it, only taking a break to go to court and witness Jess' arrest.

Afterward, he tried to convince Dylan to stay at Med after all.

Dylan: I'm sorry, Will. I brought all this on.
Will: You don't need to apologize to me. My loss is nothing compared to yours.

Will was right that Dylan suffered the more significant loss now that Milana/Jo is dead, and it's a shame for Med to lose such a talented doctor. But I had to wonder if Will is going to break down later.

He was trapped in the apartment building he owned during the blaze, almost lost Hannah, and saw someone he knew get arrested for attempting to kill him -- all of which wouldn't have happened had he not been working undercover.

Will isn't responsible for this mess any more than Dylan is. Still, it has to be sobering to realize that someone you flirted with and hated having to turn on tried to murder you.

Will Supports Dylan - Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 1

Will's focus is too entirely on helping everyone around him. That's a red flag, considering how much trauma he suffered over this whole Vas-Com undercover operation.

Was anyone else disappointed that the Vas-Com testimony was off-screen? While this story has more than run its course, Sharon and Will talked about it so much that it seemed like something big was going to happen there. And then NOTHING occurred, at least not on-screen.

That was a minor flaw in a near-perfect season opener, though.

Hannah and Dylan learned they couldn't escape their pasts after the fire. While Hannah will be fine, physically at least, Dylan was so affected mentally that he chose to leave Med.

Waiting for News - Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 1

What a shame! Dylan was my favorite of the new doctors on Chicago Med Season 7. He was a gifted pediatrician who knew how to connect with patients, especially those he would have arrested in his previous life.

His dilemma and divided loyalties weren't about his race versus his profession, either, which was a refreshing change from the way Atwater is used on Chicago PD. Instead, he was a guy with a lot of heart who wanted to help people but kept being drawn back to the intrigue and excitement of police work.

His departure felt abrupt. One moment he was running around trying to find a donor for Goren, the next, he had decided to leave Med.

I'd rather this decision had taken place over several episodes. That would have given viewers time to prepare and allowed Dylan's story to reach its breaking point.

Dylan's Guilt - Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 1

Instead, his decision came out of nowhere. While he was heartbroken about his girlfriend's death, he didn't seem conflicted about remaining at Med until he suddenly chose to leave.

Maybe he'll be back later. I hope so.

He deserved better than that whole ridiculous arc with helping the cops catch gang members in the hospital, and his love story with Jo was equally silly.

Meanwhile, Hannah's lung issues came from her past drug use. At first, I thought the presence of the talcum powder in her lungs suggested she'd been using again recently.

Thank goodness that wasn't the case!

Maggie's Family Drama - Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 1

Right now, this looks more like a reason for Hannah and Will to get close again than anything else. The doctors easily solved Hannah's problem once the biopsies showed definitively what the issue was, leaving her to feel like her past always catches up with her no matter how hard she tries to move on with her life.

If she wants to move forward, trying again with her ex-boyfriend would seem to be going in the wrong direction. Still, Will's desire to be there for her will likely turn into something else sooner or later.

Blake: I thought Sam told you I didn't want to see you.
Marcel: He did.
Blake: If you've come to apologize -
Marcel: I didn't. I came to thank you for all you taught me. I did a transplant today and it made me realize I have an obligation to continue the work that you started.
Blake: Nice speech, Crockett. Meanwhile, I'm sidelined with this injury.
Marcel: I know.
Blake: When I come back -- and I will come back -- there's no way I'm going to want you on my team.
Marcel: You know, if our roles were reversed and I was the one on the table, I have no doubt you would have made the same call.

Elsewhere, Marcel became persona non grata in certain circles because, by default, he is now the lead transplant surgeon.

Abrams had no right to imply that Marcel injured Blake on purpose so that he could have her job. That nonsense probably came straight from Blake, who said more or less the same thing when Marcel came to see her.

Vanessa Meets Her Dad - Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 1

Hopefully, Blake's rehab will take at least two seasons. She was never entirely likable and won no points by being so nasty to Marcel.

The transplant surgery that Marcel performed felt anticlimactic. It was the perfect set-up for some intense medical drama, with Marcel having to be supervised by some doctor he barely knew and Sharon only granting him the use of half as much blood as he needed.

The supervising surgeon was friendly and approved of how Marcel handled the transplant, and the lack of blood meant he had to close up early.

Nothing much happened in the OR except for Dylan being upset that Marcel couldn't keep going without more blood. How disappointing!

Hanging Out - Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 1

The most interesting story was the one that had no connection to the fire: Dr. Charles and his new fellow's attempt to help a teenager who most likely has psychosis.

Med could have gone down several well-worn paths here.

David's parents seemed to have extremely high standards and were in denial that their son was anything less than perfect. It would have been easy for his paranoid symptoms to be a way of expressing that his parents were abusing him, and equally simple for the marijuana use to have caused David's psychotic break.

Fortunately, Med didn't do that, instead going down the more interesting path of David's parents refusing to accept that their son has a mental illness. Something tells me that this isn't a standalone story; David will likely land back at Med some other time with more severe injuries.

The New and Improved Choi - Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 1

Dr. Cuavez was enjoyable as Charles' mentee. It's been a long time since he had a student to bounce things off of, and some compelling drama may come out of her involvement as the series progresses.

Archer: What is the diagnosis?
Charles: Schizophrenia.
Archer: Have you told the parents?
Charles: Not yet.
Archer: I tried to call my son yesterday.
Charles: I didn't know you had a son.
Archer: I lost him 15 years ago to drugs. He's alive, but I don't know where he is.
Charles: I'm sorry to hear that.
Archer: I'm telling you this because I know what it's going to be like for those parents. They're going to remember him laughing and running through the sprinkler, how proud he was when he learned to ride a bike, and they're not going to understand how it's possible that some outside force has stolen that child away.

This story also did the seemingly impossible: humanized Archer.

The annoying attitudes toward psychiatry were still there to an extent. Still, Archer was softer than he ever had been before, and his story about his estranged son made him more sympathetic.

That wasn't a one-off, either. Archer's son called at the end of the hour, so we're probably in for a bumpy ride now that'll last all season long.

Back to Work - Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 1

Finally, Maggie cut Grant off when he tried to re-establish their relationship.

She'd better start sharing some things with Ben stat, though, because otherwise, there may be trouble.

Grant may not give up, and even if he respects Maggie's boundaries, Maggie looked unhappy when she spotted Grant and Vanessa hanging out and having a good time.

I had to wonder, too, whether Grant wants a relationship with Vanessa as much as he is hoping that'll be the key to re-establishing one with Maggie.

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