What to Watch: SEAL Team, The Resident, New Amsterdam

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It's finally here! Broadcast TV returns with gusto.

Frankly, we're surprised how much attention broadcast still gets despite dwindling numbers, but we're here to walk you throught it, as usual.

Get all of the exciting premiere details below, and find out what we'll be covering this season, too!

WTW September 17 2022

Saturday, September 17

8/7c Girl in Room 13 (Lifetime)

Brace yourselves for an emotional, provocative film.

Lifetime brings us a ripped from the headlines powerful story inspired by true events exploring human trafficking when a recovering addict gets reacquainted with a former flame who traps her in a hotel room, breaking her down in hopes of selling her into a human trafficking ring.

In what may be one of her final roles, the late Anne Heche stars as a mother who will defy the odds and stop at NOTHING to find her daughter. Bring tissues.

Sunday, September 18

SEAL Team (Paramount+)

SEAL Team Season 6 Episode 1 picks up following the emotional Season 5 finale.

TV Fanatic got the chance to watch the episode, and it’s SEAL Team at its finest.

Avoid spoilers, dig in, and enjoy what is sure to be one of the most-talked-about episodes of the series.

9/8c House of the Dragon (HBO)

We reach the halfway point of the season, and the politics go into high gear as we finally learn who Rhaenyra will marry.

However, Alicent is still struggling to come to terms with the fact that her father is away from King’s Landing.

Oh, and expect some more hijinks from Daemon. This is the strongest hour of the series yet.

9/8c Power Book III: Raising Kanan (Starz)

After that scare in the Catskills, Raq has to find a way to make peace with Boselli, and she’ll suddenly find herself dealing with a familiar face.

Elsewhere, Kanan and Famous find themselves in some trouble while Jukebox continues to build her relationship with Kenya.

The partnership between Lou-Lou and Crown will also be put to the test yet again.

8/7c Chesapeake Shores (Hallmark)

The O’Briens are still dealing with various personal issues, but they’re finally making strides to conquer the fears holding them back.

Mick still struggles with his addiction, and on the long road to recovery, his most significant challenge is admitting he’s powerless and needs to accept help.

But Mick also has some advice for Bree, who is still miles away from Luke, which is the last place she wants to be. Take a look at the preview.

The Serpent Queen (Starz)

When your very existence is on the line, you need to quickly learn how to adapt and conquer.

Young Catherine is doing just that, as she’s getting a good read on her new family and how to maintain her position within the ranks.

This story will just get juicer as it continues, so make sure you’re keeping up!

Monday, September 19

Days of Our Lives (Peacock)

The week we’ve all been waiting for is finally here! Days of Our Lives spoilers for the week of 9-19-22 promise that by week’s end, we’ll know who killed Abigail. No, not another wrong suspect. The truth!

First, Leo guesses that the real killer is none other than his ex, Dr. Craig Wesley, and Craig comes back to Salem to confront Leo too! Could this be the twist we didn’t see coming, or is a third person responsible for Abigail’s death?

8/7c 9-1-1 (FOX)

9-1-1 is back, and they’ve got a very BIG and WIDE disaster on their hands.

A massive blimp crashing into a soccer stadium will be the big event to kick off the season, but there will also be big events happening in the lives of our favorite first responders.

The highly anticipated sixth season of the FOX hit is shrouded in a bit of mystery, but rest assured, we’ll be back to cover it all weekly for you!

8/7c NCIS & NCIS: Hawai’i Crossover (CBS)

It’s the crossover we’ve all been waiting for, and it serves as the season premieres for these hit dramas.

Parker’s life is very much on the line, so expect a super team-up between two different teams of NCIS operatives.

It’s a fun two-hour event that successfully merges these two worlds like never before.

We’ll be covering the NCISes in all their glory!

9/8c The Cleaning Lady (FOX) The Cleaning Lady returns with an exciting and unpredictable season premiere.

The race is on to find Luca after Marco kidnaps him, and Thony is forced to ask Garrett for help with Arman in prison. Tensions run high in the family, especially when Chris and Fiona get involved, too

. We’ll be covering all the drama and excitement weekly, and check by Monday for our exclusive interview with Elodie Yung.

10/8c Quantum Leap (NBC)

It’s been thirty years since Dr. Sam Beckett stepped into the Quantum Leap accelerator and disappeared, never to return to his time and family again.

The action-packed premiere of this series continuation will have fans of the original and newcomers buzzing when the new lead scientist, Dr. Ben Song, leaps before the accelerator is ready to use, setting him on a time-travel whirlwind adventure with only his hologram guide, Addison, to tether him to his true time.

With a supporting cast full of talents like Ernie Hudson (Ghostbusters, The Family Business) and Mason Alexander Park (Sandman, Cowboy Bebop), this certainly isn’t your childhood Quantum Leap, but it could prove to be even bigger and better!

Be sure to check back with TV Fanatic every week, as we’ll have a full recap and detailed review of each new episode to discuss! Join us, Fanatics! It’s time to remake history. Again!

Tuesday, September 20

8/7c Queen Sugar (OWN)

The City Council votes on developing the outlet mall. If they vote yes, it could mean the end of the Bordelon farm for good!

Ralph Angel receives an unsettling call, Prosper has a date with Sandy, and Billie contemplates her future with Vince.

As the end draws near, you won’t want to miss a minute of the final season of Queen Sugar.

8/7c FBI (CBS)

On the fifth-season premiere, the team pivots when their sting operation to secure a massive bomb from an illegal broker leads them to discover that the device is already in the wrong hands.

Also, Jubal’s promise to be present at his son’s birthday party is put to the test as the case continues to heat up.

The most pressing question, however, is when is Maggie returning?

8/7c The Resident (FOX)

The Resident is back, and so is our weekly coverage, so don't forget to check back in for our reviews, and let's have some fun in the comments!

And we're definitely going to have fun discussing the season premiere, which will give us an answer on who Conrad chooses in that pesky love triangle!

Chastain does what it does best with the crew coming together to help Padma when her pregnancy takes a dangerous turn. But they must rely on the new wildcard doc, Ian, to pull off a miracle.

9/8c FBI: International (CBS)

We're not making promises, but we're going to try our best to cover the FBIs this year, International included. Here's what you'll get from the premiere.

The Fly Team and new Europol liaison Megan “Smitty” Garretson (regular series cast member Eva-Jane Willis) investigate when an American police detective on the Federal task force is murdered in Paris while looking into a U.S. company suspected of selling illegal weapons in France and the Middle East.

Sounds like a good one!

9/8c Monarch (FOX)

For better and worse, folks are talking about Monarch, y'all!

Whether you hated to love it or loved to hate it, this soaptastic drama is bringing entertainment and fun renditions of some of your favorite songs. And we'll stick around if you do.

The first family of Country adapts to life without its matriarch on an all-new episode!

10/9c New Amsterdam (NBC)

Welp, after a shocking and disappointing finale and the unexpected news of Freema Agyeman, the season premiere will answer what happened to Helen and why she stood Max up at the altar.

And Helen fans and Sharpwin 'shippers, you're going to need a drink. Life moves on at New Amsterdam as all the characters deal with personal issues and lean on each other.

Join us for our weekly reviews as we ride out this final season of New Amsterdam together! At least this trailer will give you ALL the feels!

Wednesday, September 21

8/7c Chicago Med (NBC) Chicago Med is back and will waste no time getting back into the action.

We’ll pick up where we left off, with Will, Dylan, and Hannah trapped in a burning apartment.

You’ll have to tune in to see who survives and what’s going on. Join us for an exclusive preview with the showrunners before the premiere!

9/8c Chicago Fire (NBC)

One Chicago returns, which means we get to jump right into the Stellaride honeymoon! Of course, their happiness may be short-lived when someone from their past interrupts it.

A former classmate of Stella's joins the team while Violet and Brett reflect on their relationship.

Time back in with us for an exclusive preview with the showrunners ahead of the premiere!

10/9c Chicago PD (NBC)

Not only are fans still reeling from that season finale, but we're still recovering from the news of Jesse Lee Soffer's surprising, impeding exit.

Tune in as the countdown until the last of Halstead begins as tensions thicken among Halstead, Voight, and Upton in the wake of Anna's death.

We will have weekly coverage for you!

10/9c Big Sky: Deadly Trails (ABC)

A new season of Big Sky brings a new mystery.

And this new mystery has REBA! Yes, Reba McEntire joins the third season as an outfitter with a history of missing customers.

Season 3 will see the return of Jensen Ackles Beau Arlen, who’ll be working alongside Cassie and Jenny as they step into this new case.

Join us here all season for the reviews after new episodes premiere!

Thursday, September 22

Star Trek: Lower Decks (Paramount+)

Ever wonder what Starfleet recruitment looks like? Ever wonder what Mariner looks like recruiting for Starfleet when a good report from Ransom is on the line looks like? Well, you’re in for a (possibly trauma-inducing) treat this week!

Meanwhile, Rutherford’s diving deep to reach ambitious heights. Tendi’s there to lend support, but this might be something even she can’t bring him back from. Prepare for a Samantha we’ve never seen before.

What Easter Eggs will there be? How many obscure alien races can you spot? Lower Decks has become the visual trivia treasure trove every Trek lover has always dreamed of. What has been your favorite moment?

8/7c Law & Order: Organized Crime/Law & Order: SVU/Law & Order (NBC)

You read that right. Law & Order: Organized Crime’s season premiere airs at a special time as part of a three-hour Law & Order crossover event! In the first part, when a girl is shot, Stabler turns to Benson for assistance when he realizes this is no ordinary murder.

On SVU, Benson and the team work with Stabler to find the person who killed a young girl. We’re guessing there will be some action on the Benson/Stabler front since they’re working closely together!

The trilogy concludes with the law from Law & Order as the DAs try to win a difficult case involving an unusual murder. We’ll also get our first look at Cosgrove’s new partner. Since Organized Crime is involved, will Stabler and Cosgrove also butt heads?

Be sure to check with us all season long for our coverage of all three shows as the new seasons progress.

Friday, September 23

Lou (Netflix)

A storm rages. A young girl is kidnapped.

Her mother (Jurnee Smollett) teams up with the mysterious woman next door (Allison Janney) to pursue the kidnapper – a journey that tests their limits and exposes shocking secrets from their pasts.

We always knew Allison Janney was a badass, but Lou is taking it to whole new levels!

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