Desperate Housewives Season 2

"Remember (2)"

In the mental health facility, Bree meets a man named Orson. Bree gets out when she hears a voicemail from Betty and goes to help. When she confronts Danielle and Matthew, he pulls out a gun.

"Remember (1)"

In the first part of the season two finale, Lynette learns the woman she saw Tom with is Nora Huntington, a one-night stand Tom's from eleven years ago that possibly had a child with him.

"No One Is Alone"

Susan tries to get Edie to confess to burning down her house on tape; Danielle rescues Matthew and they run away together; Bree admits herself to a mental health institute; Lynette follows Tom to Atlantic City and sees him with another woman.

"I Know Things Now"

Gaby and Carlos ask Xiao-Mei to be their surrogate mother; Ed hires a forensic accountant who uncovers Tom may have had an affair in Atlantic City; Betty discovers Matthew set Caleb up and locks Matthew in Caleb's old cell.

"It Wasn't Meant to Happen"

Just when Gaby and Carlos obtain full custody, Libby changes her mind and takes Lily back; Bree offers to be Peter's sex addiction sponsor; Ed has Lynette send dirty instant messages to his wife to save his marriage.

"Don't Look at Me"

Bree's parents show up on her court date, have it postposted, and want to take Andrew back to Rhode Island until they learn he's homosexual; Gaby adjusts to motherhood.

"Everybody Says Don't"

Bree takes an interest in Peter, a recovering sex addict; Lynette ends up testifying for Bree uduring the trial; Dr. Ron tells Edie about Susan and Karl's sham marriage.

"Could I Leave You?"

Dr. Ron breaks up with Susan after her anesthesia confessions; Gay and Carlos find an attractive mother to adopt from; Andrew tells Bree he'll tell the judge she sexually abused him.

"There Is No Other Way"

Paul is arrested and almost killed by Noah's thugs; Andrew, seeking emancipation, accuses Bree of hitting him while drunk, making her join AA; Gaby and Carlos visit an adoption clinic.

"Thank You So Much"

Bree babysits for Lynette's children and passes out drunk; Gaby's mother, Lucia, shows up and agrees to be Gaby and Carlos' surrogate mother; Edie is hurt and disappointed when Karl does not propose.

"Silly People"

Carlos and Gaby take Xiao-Mei, a former slave who's in danger of being deported, in as a maid. Susan discovers she doesn't have health insurance and Karl agrees to secretly remarry her so she can use his.

"There's Something About a War"

Gabrielle tells Father Crowley that Sister Mary and Carlos had sex, prompting him to send her to Alaska; Tom is given a job at Lynette's firm; Bree finds out about Matthew and Danielle's relationship.

"We're Gonna Be All Right"

Susan fakes symptoms to see Dr. Ron McCready to ask him on a date; Lynette learns Tom has thought about a second wife and family if she dies; Gaby finds an ex-boyfriend of hers posted nude pictures of her online.

"One More Kiss"

Lynette is upset when Tom kisses Gaby at a party; Bree voices her disapproval over Andrew's homosexual relationship; Betty and Matthew find a private investigator hired by the Fosters dead in their home.

"Coming Home"

Gabrielle stops Carlos from trying to do charity work with Sister Mary; Andrew returns home and Bree confesses to watching George commit suicide; Addison's wife sees him with Susan and thinks they're having an affair.

"That's Good, That's Bad"

Susan starts a relationship with her father, Addison; Carlos receives ealy parole with help from Sister Mary Bernard; Lynette is promoted after Nina is fired; The police reveal that George is responsible for Rex's death.

"The Sun Won't Set"

Gaby suffers a miscarriage after her fall down the stairs; Susan's mother admits her father is a local businessman, not a war veteran; Bree breaks up with the possessive George.

"Color and Light"

Lynette arranges weekly play dates for the kids so she can have alone time with Tom, but learn a secret about the other couple; Bree accepts George's marriage proposal; Susan and Karl sleep together after he breaks up with Edie.

"I Wish I Could Forget You"

Paul Young returns to Wisteria Lane and questions Susan about Zach; Mike breaks up with Susan when he learns she sent Zach to Utah; Bree and George consummate their relationship.

"They Asked Me Why I Believe in You"

Susan learns her agent and friend, Lonny, has been embezzling her money; Lynette takes her boss Nina out drinking; Carlos agrees to hire Bradley as his lawyer after he threatens to steal Gaby otherwise.

"My Heart Belongs to Daddy"

Susan reconnects with Mike and helps him search for Zach, and when she finds him, sends him off to Utah; Gaby hires a successful, handsome lawyer, David Bradley, to get Carlos out of jail.

"You'll Never Get Away from Me"

Bree takes a polygraph test to clear her name and urges George, her suspected accomplice, to take one; Susan is jealous to learn Edie and Julie are entering the talent show; Betty deals with Caleb's near-escape.

"You Could Drive a Person Crazy"

Susan is dismayed to see her ex-husband Karl move in with Edie; Phyllis sees Bree seek comfort with George Williams and accuses her of motive to kill Rex; Gaby seeks to control their finances with Carlos in jail.

After holding Susan hostage and unsuccessfully trying to kill Mike, Zach runs away; Bree has to deal with her mother-in-law; Carlos refuses to forgive Gaby for cheating; Lynette gets a job at an advertising agency.

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Desperate Housewives Season 2 Quotes

Bree: Give me your tie.
Tom: What?
Bree: Give me your tie!
Lynette: Give it to her! Give it to her!

(to Rex's corpse) You look... magnificent.