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After a night of drinking Peter and Brian eat the Griffin family Thanksgiving turkey.

Loiss orders them to buy another, but they discover that all turkeys immediately outside of Quahog have been bought. 

Chris decides to take over the house while Peter and Brian are out finding a new turkey. 

After Peter and Brian find a turkey, Peter accidentally runs Brian's Prius into the lake, putting themselves and the turkey at risk. Peter and Brian must then find a way to get back to Quahog. 

Stewie coaches Chris in being the family host. 

Peter and Brian have a difficult time getting back to Quahog that involves a gun and falling off of a bike. The two temporarily break up as friends after Peter reveals that he framed Brian for eating the turkey. 

Peter breaks into the zoo in order to steal a turkey, meanwhile Chris starts to crack under the pressure of acting as the host. 

Brian and Peter chase around a turkey in the zoo and,eventually, catch one to take home for dinner. When Peter brings the turkey home he cannot bring himself to kill it. 

In a drunken state Chris kills the turkey and the Griffins and their relatives decided that they will be having turkey after all. 

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Family Guy Season 13 Episode 5 Quotes

No, but why are you saying the dogs name before dads.


Well last night me and Brian got drunk and ate the turkey, but before you get mad we also ate the salad.