Two and a Half Men Review: "Hookers, Hookers, Hookers"

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So that's how they planned to get Alan back into Charlie's house for good and restore the Two and a Half Men - by making Lyndsey finally realize what a schmuck Alan was.

Alan and Lyndsey

Sure, burning down the house was a temporary solution to getting everyone back together, but it was really a catalyst to help Lyndsey realize her spineless chiropractor wasn't the perfect boyfriend she thought he was.

It was nice to see Lyndsey acting more like herself and disgusted with Alan and less like the lovely punching bag he was cheating on.  Courtney Thorne-Smith, besides being very attractive to look at, was quite good at delivering her sarcastic lines and we'll miss her on the show.

We'd imagine, she'll make another appearance on the show, but after she ran off with her ex husband (Judd Nelson), Chris, for coffee, we wouldn't hold our breath for a reunion.  Eldritch needs a father and Lyndsey needs a man that doesn't lay in her lap.

Overall, "Hookers, Hookers, Hookers" was as fun as its title, especially thanks to amazing impromptu man meeting of Charlie, Chris, Herb and the pizza guy in the burnt down house.  Plus, hey, we got back one and a half of our men.

Now enjoy some of our favorite Two and a Half Men quotes from the episode while we go dry off our Nintendo Wii and borrow Charlie's cell phone of hookers.

Charlie: You guys are no fun, I'm gonna call a hooker.
Lyndsey: Charlie, there's two boys in the house!
Charlie: Let them get their own hookers. | permalink
Charlie: Chris, I believe you know my brother. The man who's banging your wife and burnt down your house. | permalink
Chris: I just found out I have a lump on my groin.
Herb: Bad place for a lump.
Charlie: Tell me a good place.
Herb: Someone else's groin. | permalink
Alan: After seven years, I finally move out of your house, and within two days, I burn my new home down. You can't write this stuff. | permalink
Charlie: You'd really be willing to risk your marriage over a cute, young babysitter?
Herb: I certainly wouldn't risk it over a fat, ugly one. | permalink


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Jennifer Bini Taylor is the cataylist of Charlie evolving into a better character. He was becoming to be too stale and boring as a womanizing man whore. He is getting old and it would be kind of gross to see a 45 five year old man picking up 20 year old babes. Jennifer makes the show a lot better. I never cared for the show as much, until Chelsea, a woman who can handle Charlie with her wit and figure. She is someone Charlie really needs and wants in his life.
Get Jennifer Bini Taylor back in the show, during the eighth season and get Charlie hitched. It would be funny to see Charlie fumbling through marriage as he did as bachelor!


Well done, but I was rooting for Alan and Lindsay. I thought that his cheating on her would do the relationship in ala Ross and Rachel.

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Two and a Half Men Season 8 Episode 4 Quotes

Charlie: I promise I'll get a quiet hooker.
Alan: Believe or not, that's a real concession on his part.

Charlie: You guys are no fun, I'm gonna call a hooker.
Lyndsey: Charlie, there's two boys in the house!
Charlie: Let them get their own hookers.