Charlie: As you can see, I've had a couple of mishaps.
Dr. Freeman: Well, except for the facial lacerations and the rectal donut... hardly noticable.

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This is hilarious, but the next lines are even funnier.
Charlie: Actually, it's a testicular donut.
Dr. Freeman: What's the difference?
Charlie: About this much. HILLARIOUS!

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Two and a Half Men Season 5 Episode 15 Quotes

Mia: Charlie, what are you doing here?
Charlie: I came to get you back.
Mia: Are you out of your mind?
Charlie: Well... I got the idea from my shrink.

Charlie: I learned why I screw around so much.
Alan: Really?
Charlie: Yup... I think I've spent my whole life trying to fill the empty space in myself by, you know...
Alan: ...filling the empty space in others?