Come on Starsky. Let's go get him. I'll drive.

Jane: Your taste for bad boys is a sad relic of your childhood mistreatment. No need to pick it back up again.
Shelly: Oh gee. Thanks for the advice Dr. Phil.

Jane: Thought I was losing my touch there for a second.
Lisbon: God forbid.

You've got a great skull. I've always said that.

That's just snitching. Isn't that against your code of honor?

Lisbon: Are you sure about this?
Jane: Are you ever going to tire of asking me that?

Lisbon: Who do you think did it?
Jane: Jabba the Hut.
Lisbon: Seriously.
Jane: Ming the Merciless?
Lisbon: OK.
Jane: Alf?

I know you have the doctor patient confidentiality thing. Lets not worry about that now.

Lisbon: Swear on your life?
Jane: On your life even.

This man. He has a gun and he pointed it at me. He's very rude and that's not even counting the assault.

Why do they call it a kangaroo court? Are kangaroos especially unjust in comparison to other marsupials? Would wallabies be more judicious?

She does the detecting and I do the insulting.

The Mentalist Quotes

Jane: The point is there's a coded message here.
Cho: Or doodles.

Krystal: Oh, you're trouble.
Jane: Harmless as a fly.