The Mentalist

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The mentalist
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Lisbon: Don't you have anyone you would want to call?
Jane: If I were dying, I would want to call you, but you're here with me.
Lisbon: If you were dying?!

It's a fine farewell.

Open sesame.

'But Hey' - what an eloquent phase.

Jane: Cheer up -
Lisbon: Why?
Jane: Because it's better to be happy than to be sad.

Bad tasting food, bad taste buds.

(pointing to a red car) This color represents passion, love, lust.

Oh stop, self pity will kill you - take it from someone who knows.

When sharks stop swimming they drowned, right?

Unless you are very cunning and you are working a double bluff - no I didn't think so.

I just love the smell of a new car.

Lisbon: So what's the deal, I thought you would be the most comfortable in front of cameras.
Jane: The last time I was in front of cameras things didn't turn out so well.

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As they say, you can take the girl out of Chicago but you can't take the Chicago out of the girl.


Teresa Lisbon: Why don't you go back to my place, jump into bed? I'll come and tuck you in when I'm done.
Patrick Jane: I'd rather be here with you.