Ilsa: I'm really not big on this type of thing.
Jane: Neither am I.

Sheriff: So you're the psychic -
Jane: No, there's no such thing of psychics.

We should do this again.

You are the queen of my heart, Grace.

Alert the quantum lords.

Lisbon: Its funny how well you two got along.
Jane: Well, I have the same amount of trouble with those pesky quantum lords.

Oliver: He's not my dad. He's a cyber clone sent by the Galactic quantum lords.
Jane: Oh them. They are always up to something shady.

Jane: Enough Mr. Tolman. Tell me the truth or I will pop ya.
Annika: Don't even think about it.
Jane: It's soft. It's just a hand. Just a hand.
Tolman: Annika, put the gun down.
Lisbon: Why do you have an armed body guard, Mr. Bundte?

What's going on with you? Couldn't sit down, can't stay still. Guilty conscious?

(Looks at all the clowns) At least they are all crying on the inside.

Jane: Did the killer take the finger?
Cho: Looks that way.

That's what's called cutting off your nose to spite your face.

The Mentalist Quotes

I'm just poking at you. It's awfully instructive.


Jane: I don't want you involved.
Lisbon: I am involved.
Jane: Not anymore.