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And her hugs are so delighting. What makes them nice is that they got a little spice is that they're tighter than a vice and they go on for an hour.

I'm guessing this one owned a bunny, but not anymore.

Stewie: That's the girl?
Chris: Yeah, isn't she special?
Stewie: That's the way the state of Rhode Island would put it. There's something up with her, isn't there?
Chris: Yeah, she has down syndrome.
Stewie: Okay, well there we go.
Chris: She's so sweet and doesn't she have the beautiful eyes?
Stewie: Well, the spacing seems a tad off, but individually they're not awful.

Hey, Chris, did you know your bacne spells Citibank in Braille?

Wow, Meg's one of those crazy chicks that hooks up with an even crazier guy... cuts to Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy.

Richard Dawson: Name something you sit in.
Lois: A chair.
Stewie: My own feces.
Richard Dawson: Name a popular fruit.
Lois: Orange.
Stewie: Clay Aiken.
Richard Dawson: Something in your closet.
Lois: Shoes.
Stewie: A scary monster.
Richard Dawson: Your favorite holiday.
Lois: Christmas.
Stewie: 911.
Richard Dawson: Name something you do on the weekend.
Lois: Go to church.
Stewie: Black guys.

Stewie [watching Lawrence of Arabia]: Who's that rather attractive woman on a camel?
Brian: That's Peter O'Toole.
Peter: You movie buffs might likes this, both of his names are slang for penis.

(as Stewie writes "douchebag" on Brian's grave)Stu: That's not really appropriate, Stewie.
Stewie: Of course it is, I loathe that know-it-all flea-bitten mutt!
Stu: No, it's just that the meaning of that word has changed ever since President Douchebag

Stewie: Ok, now if I get a fax, can I stay online and still receive the fax without a dedicated line?
Foreign employee: Yeah you can put a piece of paper in here, and make like a phone call, and your friend will get another piece of paper with the same picture.
Stewie: Can I possibly speak to someone who didn't come to this country on a floating door?

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