"Hey Joe, what's your favorite preparation of a tomato? Is it "son died" tomato?"


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that wasnt funny at all. it was actually sick . i love family guy but that wasnt funny . my brother died in iraq and i was watching that family guy episode titled thanksgiving and my mother and father heard that dumb ass joke and my mother started crying . what group of people were you trying to make laugh with that joke ?

@ chris

people who don't have relatives that died in iraq lol...i found it hilarious and my friend died in iraq actually...sometimes you just have to separate your life from a tv show.....try harder....family guy doesn't spare anyone in their jokes, sorry!

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Family Guy Season 10 Episode 6 Quotes

Bonnie: "This food is so f*cking good Lois."
Lois: "Oh ok...wow."

"Oh this looks fantastic. I can't wait to poop this out."