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Look, Brian! Meg is one of the sensitive, bearded Robin Williams characters!


Neville: Wanker!
Prince Charles: Yes, I know!

After the interval, find out which 12 football teams tied tonight.

Clive Crowley

A man with a gun and two bullets has taken over the city of Manchester.

Clive Crowley (British Tom Tucker)

Shut up, British Meg.


Lydia (British Lois): But Neville, you spend all your time down at the Fox and Pig and Dog and Wolf and Fiddle and Whistle and Cock.
Neville (British Peter): And that's where you're wrong. The Fox and Pig and Dog and Wolf and Fiddle and Whistle and Cock is for Tossers. We're meetin' at the Dog and Cat and Bull and Whistle and Fiddle and Cock and Pig and Wolf and Fife and Other Wolf.

Stewie: Lee writes: "Dear Family Guy, was your show based on anything?" That's a great question, Lee. In fact, Family Guy is based on an American television series called The Simpsons.

Not having the government worked great in Somalia, but somehow we've seemed to botch it all up!


Meg: Now my Spanish teacher and I can finally hold hands in the halls!
Spanish Teacher: Donde esta la biblioteca? Because I'm gonna bang you in the biblioteca.

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