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How i met your mother
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(about picking world peace over his suits) I'm gonna stop you right there. It's the suits. Come on, Lily, get your head out of your ass.


To score would be just fine, but I would rather be dressed to the nines.


This is unbelievable, but you just picked out the three things in this entire room that are my roommates.


And her ass - I'd wear that thing for a hat.


No! My suit gave its life for this cause and I will not rest till she is mine.


Tim: Your suits death is another suits life.
Barney: Do it.
Tim: You're doing the right thing.
(Barney sobs)
Tim: Please don't cry on this - it's silk.

Suits and insecure woman. I hate them I really just hate them.


Hey I'm not gay, but I'm gay for you.


Hey look at me - I promise I will not fall in love with your roommate.


It's funny sometimes you walk into a place and you know you're exactly where you're supposed to be.


Awe you're so sweet, but, compare to that woman I'm like three day old garbage.


I'm going to be like, "drop the act baby doll daddy needs another gin and tonic".

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How I Met Your Mother Season 5 Quotes

Barney: Barney Stinson is back on the market. Mothers, lock up your daughters. Daughters, lock up your MILSWANCA's.
Marshall: MILSWANCA's?
Ted: Oh wait, I can get this. Mothers I'd Like to Sleep With and Never Call Again
Barney: Correct, circle gets a square

My panties would hit the floor so hard they'd end up halfway to China.