Modern Family

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Modern family
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We can't ignore the giant panda in the room


The recipe is from the now-defunct Gourmet magazine. Why do all the things I love go away?


Go to dinner with him and wait for the check to come, then you'll see fear in his eyes. It's like the waiter's a ghost.


My boy was in trouble. So I put my fears aside and came to his rescue? Does that make me a hero? Yes it does.


Manny: Today feels like a good day for halibut. Hey, Jay, did I ever tell you about the time I used peanut butter and jelly for bait?
Jay: I don't know. You tell me a lot of funny things.

He comes from a long line of fishers and smugglers. But I encourage the fishing.


Luke: When you stuck your head in, your screamed a little.
Phil: I told you. That was the house settling.

Her first word was every gay father's worst nightmare.


Luke: Aren't we going in?
Phil: We sure are. But won't it be fun if we did it with ski goggles and barbecue tools?

His name is Ponce? He'd get made fun of at my school. They'd probably call him "Pants."


Mitchell: Subtext: this is weird.
Cameron: I didn't hear any subtext.
Mitchell: Hear any now?

Alex: Haley, found your jacket.

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Modern Family Season 1 Quotes

Mitchell [on burning flowers and Cameron]: Look at that: two things flaming at once.

He's like Batman, but straight.

Mitchell [on the gardener]