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What converts this conversation into over?


Or he took a page from the old Jay Pritchett playbook, saw the crap he was in for and pretended to be asleep.


I call my method the Trojan horse.


Lily: But Daddy he's really good.
Mitchell: I'm really good too.
Lily: But it's a sport.

This is not my first language. I don't understand English very goodly.


I like to throw money at a problem.


Oh quick, nature's surefire sunburn remedy- aloe!


I had a pretty good hat run, but then I saw a photo of myself in a dude ranch. I looked like Reba at the Grammys.


I don't wanna meet anything on Monday that I'm gonna eat on Friday.


I'm not sure how that guy got to be a professor if he was stupid enough to dump you.


We've had my dad's baby 45 minutes and he's already in a dress.


I should get going, my allergies are starting to cry.

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Modern Family Season 4 Quotes

So what you're saying is you have a child shaped hole in your heart and you wanna stuff a cat into it.

Mitchell [to Cam]

Jay was really explicit about what he wanted to do for his 65th birthday, but luckily Phil Dunphy knows how to read between the lines.