Carl: Whatever, I'm out.
Frank: Off to deal drugs on a Saturday morning?
Carl: Yup.
Frank: Impressive work ethic, son. You do your old man proud.

Carl: Whats it feel like to be crazy?
Ian: Um, like I'm under a wet blanket. And cotton mouth.

Debbie: He's [Ian] totally Monica.
Frank: Without the great ass.

Jimmy/Steve: Take care of yourself, Fiona Gallagher.
Fiona: You take care of yourself, whatever the hell your real name is!

I'm probably biased, you deserve better than him.

Gus [to Fiona]

Sammi: If you don't get out right now, I will shoot you.
Frank: Go ahead. You don't have the guts.

Carl: You owe me. You my slave now. When I text you, you run.
Chuckie: Okay, Uncle Carl.

Watch out sixth grade. Third time's a charm.


Carl: You should quit while you're ahead.
Debbie: He'll out-Frank ya every time.

Fiona: No, I have to tell you something.
Gus: What's wrong?
Fiona: I slept with my ex.
Gus: You slept with...Since we've been married?
Fiona: Yesterday.
Gus: We had sex yesterday.

You did okay, Mickey. You know, you tried. That's a lot more than most people would do.


Lip: Hey. You Gus?
Gus: Yeah.
Lip: Hey, I'm Lip. Brother. Don't fuck this up cuz she's really great, alright?