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From now on I'll dominate you in ways you don't realize.


Worst climbing Everest.

Comic Book Guy

I dump on you, and you take it. That's how friendship works.


Marguerite, I leave to fight in Flanders. Stupid Flanders.


Grampa: And I created an alcoholic hippo.
Homer: You never showed it to me!
Grampa: A stupid alcoholic hippo!

Mapple Salesperson: The lightest, most desirable computer in the world, for the next three weeks - the Mapple Void.
Homer: I'll take it, provided you charge me for services that Google offers for free.

I have a thousand friends! And only eight of them are Milhouse!


Man, this website makes talking drunk to my wife so much safer.


Uh-oh. Denise Hibbert keeps liking Bumblebee Man's posts. That's how it starts.

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