Seinfeld Season 1

The Stock Tip Picture
"The Stock Tip"

Jerry and George move on an insider stock tip, but find out their source gets admitted to the hospital. Meanwhile, Jerry goes on his first date with Vanessa.

Male Unbonding Picture
"Male Unbonding"

Jerry tries to get rid of an old childhood friend, Joel, and George convinces him to dump the guy like he would a woman.

Seinfeld Gets Robbed
"The Robbery"

After Jerry's apartment gets robbed, he wants to move and George finds him a new apartment. However, soon George wants the apartment for himself.

The Stakeout Picture
"The Stakeout"

Jerry goes to a party with Elaine where he meets a girl, who all he gets is her place of work and not number. Jerry and George decide to stalk her outside her office building.

"The Seinfeld Chronicles"

Jerry is excited that a woman he met in Michigan is coming to New York for a seminar. Jerry tries to figure out if Laura's intentions are platonic or romantic.

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Seinfeld Season 1 Quotes

Women know what men want,men know what men want. What do we want? We want women!


I go to visit my grandparents. They're having big brisket sandwiches; I'm sitting here with a carrot!