"A Beam of Sunshine"

Nancy aims to turn over a new, happy leaf on this episode of Weeds. But will her sons make the same transition?


On the eighth season premiere of Weeds, everyone worries over the shooting victim and theorizes about who pulled the trigger.

"Do Her/Don't Do Her"

Silas turns the tables on Nancy on the season seven finale. Doug, meanwhile, schemes to keep his hedge fund career alive.

"Qualitative Spatial Reasoning"

Nancy and Silas clash over who's in charge of the business this week. Elsewhere, Doug attempts to fool the Securities and Exchange Commission.

"Une M're Que J'aimerias B****r"

Silas attempts to partner with Emma this week. Meanwhile, Doug and Andy head for the Hamptons.

"System Overhead"

It's revenge time! Nancy, Andy and Silas plot against Emma this week, while Doug suffers a financial setback.

"Cats! Cats! Cats!"

Nancy battles the SEC this week. Elsewhere, Silas and Emma discuss going into business together.


Zoya causes problems for Nancy this week, while Andy clashes with Silas. Also: Shane learns a lot via his internship.

"Playing with Fire!"

Silas tries to hire male models this week, while Doug plays in a company softball game and Nancy gets closer to his bss.

"Object Impermanence"

Nancy runs into an old acquaintance. Elsewhere, Andy engaged in a new business undertaking.