Supernatural Season 10 Episode 15 Review: The Things They Carried

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A nasty parasite that forces its host to turn into a homicidal maniac thirsty for water and even blood?

Yup, Supernatural is back.

The series may have been moved to a new night, but Sam and Dean were back to hunting monsters like it was just another day at the office. And isn’t that what they do best?

Look, was Cole’s return in Supernatural Season 10 Episode 15 perhaps a bit contrived because the particular case was associated with the military? Sure, but I liked the character since his introduction in Supernatural Season 10 Episode 1, and this time he seemed more apt to be of some assistance rather than hunting down the Winchesters.

And I liked how despite the very real threat of his best friend being a monster, that personal connection made Cole want to do what he could to help save him rather than swing a machete at his head to end him. You know, sort of like Sam in trying to help Dean.

So I understood his reasoning in wanting to see his friend without Sam and Dean in tow (even though they knew he would ignore their warning).

But I was also surprised that with Cole knowing about demons (even heading to a library after his beatdown in Supernatural Season 10 Episode 2 to learn everything he could about them) and being much more aware that there are monsters out there, that he would so casually head to his friend’s cabin without even so much as a gun drawn.

Maybe if he didn’t know Sam and Dean were hunting his friend, OK, but knowing they suspected something, he chose to just head straight to the danger almost blindly? It just felt somewhat off for his character.

Of course, it did allow his friend to provide some disgusting mouth to mouth transfer of the parasite and spin the situation for Sam and Dean.

I was worried that Cole’s return and ingesting the parasite would mean Cole’s death, and that would have truly been disappointing.

Really, Cole’s struggle and sweat party was reflective of Dean fighting his own “monster.” And even as it got more difficult, even with Cole’s face getting all messed-up and his urge to satiate the monster grew stronger, he didn’t give up. I like to think Dean was able to recognize that.

But man was it gross when that slimy worm was coming out of Cole’s mouth. There were definitely some solid and graphic effects during the hour from all that blood (Supernatural loves its blood) and even the make-up that made it look like they needed some major skin lotion.

It was a nice change of pace that Sam and Dean didn’t quite know what they were facing. They had an idea, which called back to that worm from Supernatural Season 6 Episode 16, but sometimes it can be fun when all they know is it’s some monster they have to eliminate.

Though it was interesting that the brothers weren’t able to save both Kit and Cole. Sam was forced to take out Kit, and knowing he couldn’t save Kit shook him up.

They win some, they lose some, but I don’t think Sam should worry too much. I like to think Dean is too much of a fighter to let something like the Mark simply overtake him. But I hope that’s not supposed to be some foreshadowing of Sam being forced to kill Dean…

A monster of the week case was a solid way for Supernatural Season 10 to return, and I felt pretty engaged for most of the hour. But I do wonder if this closes Cole’s story, at least for a while, as he seems much more inclined to go home to his family, rather than pick up hunting. Then again, I thought that’s what he did at the end of Supernatural Season 10 Episode 7, so who knows? Maybe he’ll be back?

Either way, it’s good to know that Sam and Dean are back, and no matter the bumps in the road (you know, like the Mark of Cain), the two are still taking the time for some good old fashioned hunts.

Now, who’s thirsty?

Will we see Cole again? Who else would you like to see return? Sound off below, and feast your eyes on all the adventures when you watch Supernatural online now.

The Things They Carried Review

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