The Resident Season 3 Episode 15 Review: Last Shot

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Can we talk about Randolph Bell's glow-up?

Throughout a season and a half, Bell has quietly become one of the best characters of the series, and the most evolved. Not only did The Resident Season 3 Episode 15 highlight him and his growth, but it also provided more insight into the man behind the mask.

The Resident was back with another strong hour and the highly-anticipated conclusion to the 3B Life saga.

Bell of the Ball  - The Resident Season 3 Episode 15

Sometimes it feels like the show is burning through some of its plots, but in this case, we needed the conclusion sooner rather than later.

And it was surprising that it didn't have anything to do with Cain being nefarious or vindictive.

Instead, the pesticides were connected to the organic clothing shipped with the 3B life for select patients who purchased the supplement and clothes from the shopping network.

ConBell Catch Up - Tall  - The Resident Season 3 Episode 12

It's enough to make you break out in hives and reconsider online shipping. But alas, this is the world we live in, so that's never going to happen.

Bell backed Andrea and their product when the going got tough, and it was commendable.

From our perspective, it was a sign of his faith in her, and he does have a genuine fondness for her and love for the product.

I've worked in hospitals for 40 years, and I'm sad to say we're unhealthier today than ever before. Half of all Americans are uninsured.


But to doubters, it looked like he was trying to cash in millions from the supplements, which were thriving, and he didn't care about the harm caused.

Bell Needs Conrad - Tall  - The Resident Season 3 Episode 15

Except, there was never a doubt that he did care. Bell has cared the entire time about this situation. It was never so much about lining his pockets.

He wanted to support and help Andrea. And that's something that the series has quietly and subtly built upon his friendship with Andrea.

Bell: you have a way of seeing what other doctors miss. Just take another look. That's all I'm asking you to do
Conrad: If I find out it's 3b life, you know I won't keep quiet.
Bell: I just need to know. Let's make sure nobody else dies.

It's something that sneaked up on most viewers because of it being such a minuscule part of a large series with bigger things going on.

He seems to care about her, and he wanted her to succeed. It wasn't until he shared a bit about his past that it put some things into perspective.

Andrea - tall - The Resident Season 3 Episode 12

To some, it appeared as though he was torn between self-interest and the health of patients. But it was evident it was about looking out for Andrea and the health of patients.

As a result, Devon being an ass about the whole thing was irksome. In a hospital with the likes of Cain and all of the disturbing Red Rock practices, Devon digging up his grudge against HODAD was annoying.

Andrea can start over again. She can recover. You won't.


As Conrad pointed out, it also looked like Devon was determined to see the results he wanted to see rather than figure out what was happening.

Bell isn't everyone's cup of tea, and that's fair. Most of us who appreciate his turnaround don't have any delusions about how effed up he was and his reckless actions that cost patients their lives among other things.

Power Moves - Tall  - The Resident Season 3 Episode 9

However, not acknowledging his shift and growth this far into the game is ludicrous too. It also makes you wonder how much the characters communicate with each other.

Was Devon unaware of how Bell went to bat for Conrad or the lengths he went to protect Kit and all of them?

Bell: We need to start considering a recall.
Andrea: I need some air.

Everyone else who matters has worked amicably with Bell for a while now, so again, why was Devon rehashing Bell 1.0 again?

Devon, my love, we're in The Resident Season 3, catch the hell up. And stop embarrassing me; I'm tired.

The unexpected allegiance that formed between Bell and Conrad remains a delight. Bell didn't care if the truth about the supplements was negative; he wanted to keep people from dying.

He couldn't bear it if his face was on something that was killing people. And Conrad was eager to work a case and solve a mystery if it meant avoiding paperwork.

The administrative aspect of his promotion will be the proverbial death of him, but pizza parties with helpful friends make it better.

Investigating 3B  - The Resident Season 3 Episode 15

Conrad loves a good puzzle, and he likes being under the gun. He had to race to figure out what was happening before Doug, Cynthia and Raj left.

Doug already took a turn for the worst and nearly died like the previous patient at the other hospital.

I worked so hard all my life to be seen like my dad, but I didn't do enough to be like him. Thank you for trying.


It's crazy how often you think about ingesting pesticides rather than the absorption part. The clothing thing was a nice surprise.

Also, it meant Bell and Andrea were clear. Bell was willing to assume responsibility and shut everything down if it meant saving the public.

Another One Falls - Tall  - The Resident Season 3 Episode 15

When his publicist suggested he throw Andrea under the bus, it was enraging for a plethora of reasons.

He had more to lose in public favor, but it wouldn't have ruined him completely. He still would have bounced back. Hell, he has overcome more than his fair share of scandal.

For Andrea, she had more to gain, and this was her shot. It was life-changing for her. Bell couldn't do that to her and didn't even consider it.

Publicist: What about my offer?
Bell: Come in. The responsibility is mine.

Andrea is a good person like his father was one.

It was the first time we heard Bell speak about his past in such a fond way. His father was an honest, hardworking man who people respected and revered.

Bell spent years chasing after being treated like his father, but now he's been trying to work toward being more like his dad instead.

What good is being treated as a good man if you don't work toward actually being one? The accolades aren't real.

Why reach one person at a time for the rest of your career when you can reach them through that?

Dr. Pierce

Bell's self-reflection looks good on him, and so does being a TV personality. He was a natural onscreen, and it isn't the first time people found him endearing. Part of 3B Life's success was a result of Bell's marketability.

But it isn't his thing. It was nice of Pierce to offer him his show, but that isn't the work that fulfills Bell. However, it does suit Cain.

His New Center  - The Resident Season 3 Episode 15

His surgical skills and experience are undeniable. He is a seasoned surgeon and doctor, and he loves the camera and attention.

What if we found how Cain can get the heck out of Chastain and out of everyone's hair?

Cain is a narcissist who has his face and name plastered everywhere, and he gets off on the attention and being the smartest person in the room. He doesn't practice medicine as if he loves it, only like it's a means to an end -- a way of gaining fortune, fame, and reverence.

It would spare people the headache and fear he'll kill people.

Working Together Again - Tall  - The Resident Season 3 Episode 15

It was a genuine fear he was about to kill little Lucy, and he didn't even care. He's good at faking interest and concern, but he wouldn't have batted an eye if she died.

He also would have found a way to blame it on someone else. The cardio center named after this jackass had no business being open.

Nic: She nearly died
Cain: But she didn't.
Nic: Because we got lucky.
Cain:I don't believe in luck, just talent and fate.
Nic: Caution isn't weakness.
Cain: Risk is part of the job.
Nic: So you risk a little girls life? Why? To impress some donors?
Cain: Again nobody died.
Nic: Even when we do everything we can to prepare, things go wrong. What chance do our patients have if we don't?
Cain: There's a reason they don't name buildings after nurses.

It had too many kinks that needed to be fixed. Nic had every reason to be concerned. A medical center isn't like a gosh damn Wal-Mart.

They can get away with freezing their employees, not having enough equipment, and faulty computer systems. Cain's expensive neuro center could not get away with such things without jeopardizing lives.

Cain's New Unit - Tall  - The Resident Season 3 Episode 15

But as long as Cain could smile in front of the donors and press, he didn't care.

Lucy almost died because of an ill-stocked OR. What if the other room didn't have anything in it? Then what?

Nic is never afraid to check Cain, and he still doesn't understand people. A woman who chose nursing school over medical doesn't give a damn about her name being on a building. Not everyone is motivated by that or thinks like him.

We need to figure out what made you sick and whether it has to do with 3b life or not.


Annie got a happy story thrice over after surviving the explosion, beating her cancer, and her adopted daughter surviving. You have to love those happy endings.

Cain in His element  - The Resident Season 3 Episode 15

Mina and AJ's case was bittersweet, though. The bickering odd-couple roommates added an amusing and touching element to the hour.

Once they laid out the facts that Aaron and the professor would be viable for the same heart, you had an idea something would jeopardize it and have them at odds for one heart.

Aaron: I'm an artist.
Professor: If nobody pays you, it's a hobby.

I love how this series gets you invested in their patients. You knew one of them would perish, but you fought off the idea all along.

It was sad that Aaron had a stroke and didn't survive his transplant. But it was tragically beautiful that he could give the professor the heart.

The professor was beside himself when he learned that Aaron begged not to be relocated. His last months were more enjoyable than his roommate thought.

Darn you, The Resident, for making us feel all the emotions.

And also for dragging out Minator. Ironically, it works, though.

Mina: We think there's something you should know about Aaron.
AJ: He loved being your roommate.
Professor: What?
AJ: Yeah. When we tried to separate you two, he begged us not to. He said he'd die from boredom without you on the other side of the curtain.
Mina: I think in a weird way, driving you crazy kept him sane.
Torres: There's another thing you should know. Aaron is an organ donor.

Torres is one of the better hires from Red Rock. He saw the same chemistry between AJ and Mina that the rest of us do.

Conic Kisses - Tall  - The Resident Season 3 Episode 15

And in this age of PC culture, it could probably read as sexist that AJ silently gave his blessing after Torres met his approval, but it was sweet to me.

He was encouraging and supportive when Mina dated Micah. He knows he's content with how things are with Andrea, and he cares enough about Mina to want her to be happy too.

Aj: I gotta say it's good to finally cut with a surgeon who appreciates a little hard bop.
Torres: Dr. Okafor is not a fan.
AJ: Would you believe I agreed to mentor her anyway?
Torres: Just her mentor, huh? Kinda got the impression you two were maybe more.
AJ: Naw, our relationship is strictly professional.
Torres: Good to know.

Torres has an appreciation for music the same way AJ does. He's a talented doctor, and he's good with patients. He is a decent guy, and he has an interest in Mina.

And he wanted to make sure there wasn't anything between her and AJ before he made a move. AJ respected all of that. But Mina is Mina. 

conic being cute - Tall  - The Resident Season 3 Episode 15

Of course, she beat Torres to it. She's good, isn't she? He didn't even realize she was setting him up for sneaking a date out of him. And they're cute for now. Go, Mina.

Over to you, Resident Fanatics. Did you see the supplement conclusion coming? Will Cain become the talk show host instead?

Are you rooting for Mina and Torres? Did you enjoy the deeper look at Bell? Hit the comments below.

You can watch The Resident online here via TV Fanatic. 

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