Two and a Half Men Season Premiere Review: "Three Girls and a Guy Named Bud"

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How fitting was it that the season of Two and a Half Men premiered with a mockery Charlie giving up drinking?  Just like the show had to poke a little fun at the actor's shaved head turned disastrous haircut, we can't help but point out the slight irony given the actor's  ridiculous sentence of only 30 days.  But hey, this is a television site.  Not some celebrity gossip blog.  We'll leave it at that.

Drink Still in Hand

After a disappointing season seven finale, the show returned tonight without even a mention of Chelsea.  The show even brought back the fun teflon-coated Charlie with him mailing his pants to Malaysia instead of crying over his ex-fiancee.  Charlie, was, well Charlie again. 

Alan, meanwhile, was as entertaining as ever as he continues to date the way-too-hot-for-him-former-soft-core-porn-star Lindsay.  Who knew Rottweilers were attracted to whip cream?  Well apparently Charlie.  At least we learn something new every week.  Who said television wasn't educational?

Oh and Jake.  We've never been so proud of you.  We're not sure how your goofy large head managed to pull off that ménage à trois multiple times, but like your father, we should be coming to you for advice.

There's not really much else to say in our review of "Three Girls and a Guy Named Bud," besides saying the show is definitely back.  It was nice to see almost the entire cast in the premiere, save for Evelyn.  Especially after a finale which featured almost none of the supporting characters.

It's so good to have our Monday nights back, but we kind of wish our second half hour of Chuck Lorre was The Big Bang Theory and not some fat people comedy.  Our favorite Two and a Half Men quotes are after the jump.

Charlie: Think it through Alan, for what possible activity would I need my pants off an my shoes on?
Alan: I dunno, chasing a reluctant hooker?
Charlie: Can't rule it out. | permalink
Alan: Yours?
Charlie: Alan, she's like sixteen.
Alan: And, again, I ask, hoping I don't get called to testify, yours? | permalink
Judith: You don't sleep with your son's friend's mother.
Alan: No, no. you marry his pediatrician.
Herb: He's got you there, sweetie. | permalink
Alan: Iced tea?
Charlie: I decided when you try to mail your pants to a garment inspector in Malaysia, it's time to quit drinking.
Alan: Some might have said that day come and went when you gave yourself that haircut. | permalink


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This show is amazing. I started watching reruns and now am hooked. I am all the way caught up so now I can't wait to the new ones in HD. I just need to the remote when I first get to work (I work for DISH Network) so I don't miss a thing.


Jennifer Bini Taylor is the cataylist of Charlie evolving into a better character. He was becoming to be too stale and boring as a womanizing man whore. He is getting old and it would be kind of gross to see a 45 five year old man picking up 20 year old babes. Jennifer makes the show a lot better. I never cared for the show as much, until Chelsea, a woman who can handle Charlie with her wit and figure. She is someone Charlie really needs and wants in his life.
Get Jennifer Bini Taylor back in the show, during the eighth season and get Charlie hitched. It would be funny to see Charlie fumbling through marriage as he did as bachelor!


I for one am glad that Chelsea is gone. I didn't like her one bit.


I didn't read your reviews/anything for season 7, but I'm glad I wasn't the only one getting tired of it.
Hopefully they bring back some of the humor that used to be a huge (sometimes only good) part of the show!



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Two and a Half Men Season 8 Episode 1 Quotes

Charlie: Think it through Alan, for what possible activity would I need my pants off an my shoes on?
Alan: I dunno, chasing a reluctant hooker?
Charlie: Can't rule it out.

Alan: I guess a little morning quickie is out of the question?
Charlie: if you can do it without waking me up... you're not realy thinking about it are you?