Peter: Hispanic female doctor or gay masseuse?
Quagmire: Hispanic from Spain?
Peter: no.
Quagmire: So it's basically, "would your rather get a massage from a gay man or die?"

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Well to be frank its just that in America hispanic females and hispanic males tend not to be the most intelligent people.


Well, I´m Mexican and I know a lot of Mexican doctors, most of them are awesome professionals as good as the best doctors in Europe... but what the hell, this is just a joke from a cynical TV show so it´s dumb to feel offended by thah

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REO Speedwagon saved us several steps as they too had backtracked to hoke some extent. But when their trail had led to a bartender in Virgina, they had given up, much on the way the world has given up on them. In fact, just to kick them a couple extra bucks, here's five seconds of "Time For Me To Fly."


Joe, don't you dare. I'll push you right into traffic.