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I just needed help going to sleep... mode.

Shake Weight

You gonna deglaze that f**king pan? I'd deglaze the f**k out of that pan.


Well, hearing you bitch about your dad is super interesting, Stan. I hope you do it all lunch period.


Shake Weight, you're not really work out equipment, are you?


Your work out is finished. Here is some cab fare. Now going to sleep mode.

Shake Weight

Passengers said the Carnival Cruise line smelled like poop, but that was an improvement.

TV Announcer

Cartman (as The Coon): I'm making the world a better place.
Kenny (as Mysterion): For you! A better place for you!
Cartman (as The Coon): That's what superheroes do!

He promised everything would change if we worshiped him, but we're still sitting here smoking cigarettes like before. It's like Obama all over again.

Goth Kid

How is it that Mint and Berry came together delivering full flavor and intense crunch?

Mint Berry Crunch
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