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Bart: I need to talk about man stuff.
Homer: Talk to grampa, he used to be a man.
Bart: He did?

I cheated wrong. I copied the Lisa name and used the Ralph answers.


Bart: Where's Mrs. K?
Principal Skinner: Mrs. Krabappel had to go to Portland. Apparently the people she hired to deprogram her sister from that cult were an even worse cult.

If you're out of my sight, you must constantly twitter me what you're up to, even though I don't know what twitter is and I have no desire to find out.


Bart: Weird, I just made an entire lose its lunch.
Nelson: And?
Bart: I'm not feeling the rush.
Nelson: Tell me more.
Bart: Something's missing. Am I broken?
Nelson: Jump with me. Bart, at the end of the day, if your parents aren't p.o.'d you haven't really pranked. You have to take it up a notch.
Bart: Really?
Nelson: If no one's getting mad, are you really being bad? Think about it.

I love watching you knit. It reminds me of watching pictures download on our old dial-up modem.


We can't let Bart drive us apart, he's the reason we had to get married.


I don't mind if you pee in the shower, but only if you're taking a shower.


Lisa: Congratulations. You're officially a sociopath.
Bart: At least I'm on a path.

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