Revolution News

On Revolution, Charlie, Connor and Monroe plan a New Vegas heist while Tom and Jason work a new mission. Read our review to see how they made out!
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On Revolution, Monroe works to save his son Connor from the clutches of Nunes, while Charlie and Gene try to help a friend. Read on for our review!
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On Revolution, Miles, Rachel and Monroe head south to find Monroe's son Connor. But is the reunion all it's cracked up to be? Read our review to find out!
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On Revolution, Aaron discovers why the nanotech chose him and Rachel and Miles confirm their feelings for each other in "Everyone Says I Love You."
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Revolution Quotes

80 million dollars in the bank and I would trade it all, right now, for a roll of Charmin.


Tom: To tell you the truth, when General Monroe finds out, he's gonna be irate and he might even have my head.
Danny: Let's hope.