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The show sort of flashes back to the 1950s this week. A school dance forces every character to go retro.

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This episode is titled "Bloodlines." It's the first new Vampire Diaries installment after almost two months off the air.

"The Turning Point"

Stefan and Damon find a common enemy this week. The episode is titled "The Turning Point."

"History Repeating"

Welcome to the show, Matt Davis. He debuts as a new teacher on this week's episode.

"162 Candles"

This episode of The Vampire Diaries is titled "162 Candles." Read on for a full recap of events from it.

Can Stefan save Vicki from herself? That's mission during this episode, titled "Haunted."

"Lost Girls"

This is a major episode of The Vampire Diaries. In it, Stefan tells Elena about his past.

"You're Undead to Me"

On this week's episode, Stefan thinks his plan might really work with Damon. The installment is titled "You're Undead to Me."

"Family Ties"

On this episode of Vampire Diaries, there's a major party in town. Stefan takes Elena to it, while Damon reveals more of his family's secrets.

"Friday Night Bites"

This is the third-ever episode of The Vampire Diaries. Its pun-worthy title? Friday Night Bites.