Grayson thinks it's time to reveal to Jules the truth about Laurie and himself. Uh-oh. Elsewhere, Bobby is consumed by the desire to see seeing a street performer swallow a sword in "The Damage You've Done".
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A flag football game between the volleyball team and the Hellcats were merely the latest example of this show finding its groove. Read our review of "Ragged Old Flag" now/
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A tribal switch up changes the dynamics of the game and a surprising castaway is sent home. We break down the mistakes made by the survivors on this episode along with the changes to the game.
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Kristina heads to an Asperger's support group this week and attempts to convince Adam to come along. Elsewhere, Crosby and Jasmine get Julia's assistance in getting Jabbar to Sydney's school in this week's episode, "The Booth Job."
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Dallas Roberts shined as Alicia's brother on this solid season two episode. It treated viewers to an interesting case and advancement in the feud between Kalinda and Blake.
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