Riverdale Season 4 Episode 6 Review: Hereditary

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It's a blast from the past on Riverdale Season 4 Episode 6. Throwback Thursday has nothing on the retread plots that returned this chapter.

Forgotten characters and storylines haunted the town once more to bring up drama we all thought was finished. Nothing stayed buried, especially the dead bodies.

Though, it was the character development that regressed which caused the biggest deja vu. (Did everyone decide to forget the past?)

Saving The Neighborhood - Riverdale Season 4 Episode 6

Betty's journey investigating Charles was a roller coaster.

Following her hunch was the right course of action because she does have natural Nancy Drew qualities and skills that have stopped serial killers. But, some of the decisions she made to get to the point of trusting him were baffling. 

Firstly, Charles' polygraph test would have skewed results, regardless of what she asked him. Charles is an agent for the FBI; he knows how to beat a test.

With any of the questions she asked, he could frame the answers to be truthful toward his narrative. Like for instance, his reasons for having a secret or how the person died in his motel room with Chic.

Charles was cool and calm throughout it all.

Strange Calls - Riverdale Season 4 Episode 4

Secondly, why would she open old wounds by visiting Chic in prison?

Betty had more reasons to distrust Chic than her legitimate half-brother. Let's not forget that Chic tried to destroy her life, and he worked with The Gargoyle King/The Black Hood. There was no guarantee that Chic would even tell her the truth in the first place.

Plus, as the consequences came true, he knew where the body was placed and could ruin their lives by telling the police. Dead bodies don't stay buried on Riverdale, so now Betty will have trouble when the cops come sniffing around.

Those poor decisions are out-of-character for Betty. She's distrustful and follows her hunch during investigations, but she's used to weighing the options and following careful leads first.

The hurdles seem too plot convenient.

Witness - Tall - Riverdale Season 4 Episode 5

Charles and Chic's secret relationship posed a lot of questions about past Riverdale plots.

Did they plan this back in Riverdale Season 2? Is it only recently that they've reconnected? Was Charles involved in The Gargoyle King/The Black Hood drama too? What do they have planned for Betty and Alice?

The pair have a strange connection to Betty, so this could potentially be about her serial killer gene. Chic was fascinated with Betty's darkness, and Charles' training might be a way to let the dormant evil rise.

Chic: Hi, how did it all go?
Charles: Smooth as cream, babe. FP led me right to where he buried the body. He moved what was left and everyone was appropriately grateful.
Chic: Even Betty?
Charles: Even Betty.
Chic: That’s great.
[Both place their hands on the prison glass]
Chic: I love you, babe.
Charles: I love you too.

Whatever their master plan is about, hopefully, we learn more about their relationship during the years. There has to be a reason why they've directed their sights on Betty and this undercover mission.

At least, Kevin can be happy with the satisfaction that he was right about Charles being gay.

The one benefit of Archie's vigilante duties is that he's getting results. It's good that he's using his actions for a full-circle approach to get kids off the streets and moving toward a better life.

From the sound of Jughead's voiceover, Archie's success rate has progressed nicely. Though, if there was ever a reason why kids needed to learn about finance and self-esteem, it's now.

Come on Eddie and Toby, you're doing this all for pizza, arcade games, and some change? You're worth more than that. #KnowYourValue

Archie: What do you want? You want to fight me?
Dodger: Sure … but don’t you need to put your mask on first?
Archie: What are you talking about?
[Archie hesitates. Dodger turns to his crew]
Dodger: See, I told you! I told he’s that guy in the mask, the one making trouble for all of us. Aren’t you?
Archie: I don’t know what you’re talking about.
Dodger: I think you do. I think you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Archie, Veronica, and Reggie catered to get the kids back on the side of good. But, if all it took was free pizza, the street war could've been solved ages ago, and Archie wouldn't have had to become Riverdale's answer to the Green Arrow.

With Dodger easily deducing Archie was behind the mask (it was so obvious!), this war could've escalated even further, especially with the drive-by shootings happening in Riverdale now.

Archie should be lucky this attacker did the job for him.

The Gym's Future - Riverdale Season 4 Episode 3

Though, let's take a moment to complain about Archie again: asking Hiram for help getting rid of Dodger might be one of the stupidest decisions he has ever made. Why would he risk putting himself back in Hiram's clutches?! 

After two seasons of torment and legitimate torture, he's finally free. For someone who fought an actual living bear, he shouldn't be poking the bear that is Hiram.

And, what makes this move even more mind-boggling was that he earlier recognized the strings involved when working with Hiram.

He turned down free money as a gift because he knew of the dangers and remembered being indebted. Yet, a day later he asked for an even bigger request?

Archie, you're a mess. Be better.

Day In Court - Riverdale Season 4 Episode 5

What is Hermione doing?! After everything Hiram did to her and Veronica, why did she go back to her husband?

Riverdale Season 3 spent many chapters progressing the break-up of that marriage and reinforcing why Veronica/Hermione needed to get away from Hiram. They've called him a "monster" many times! And let's not forget all the plots of them trying to kill or hurt each other.

The one takeaway they all agreed to was that they shouldn't be together. So, the Lodges deciding to reunite romantically made no sense from a character development standpoint. Zero whatsoever.

Hiram: I want to come home.
Hermione: You don’t live here anymore. Just … stop. Veronica and I are finally free of you.
Hiram: Is that what freedom looks like? Playing hostess at a teenager’s gin joint.
[Hiram takes off his shirt]
Hiram: Let me back in. You won’t have to work another day ever again. You’ll be my wife again.
Hermione: Over my dead body.
Hiram: That can be arranged.
[Hermione slaps Hiram]
Hiram: Was that foreplay or punishment?

It's as if they threw away three seasons of plot and development because they wanted to push a "jealous daughter" mini-plot. 

Even if Hermione was a weak-willed individual (she's not) or had low self-esteem (debatable), at this point in her story on Riverdale, she wouldn't return to Hiram. She finally freed herself from his grasp; that's something she's always wanted.

Veronica deserves better than her two parents.

Also, her half-sister needs to take a chill pill and get over herself. Hermosa just met Veronica, and she has the nerve to play mind games about being Hiram's favorite. 

Look Hermosa, Veronica doesn't care about your daddy issues or competing to be the jewel in Hiram's eye. She is a strong, independent woman in charge of her life who chooses the love/family she wants. She doesn't need you or Hiram.

And she can see through your weak attempts to manipulate her. Clear as crystal.

Though, if we had to pick a winner in the war between Hermosa vs. Veronica, Veronica is Hiram's favorite. He might hate that she doesn't fall into line, but he respects her determination, business acumen, and Lodge cunningness. They're alike in many ways.

Hermosa - Riverdale Season 4 Episode 5

Cheryl and Toni are going to need one hell of an exorcist because Julian has caused nothing but trouble for them. Regardless if it's real or not, they gotta give up the ghost!

Let's face it, they're cursed. All the recent bad things, like Dagwood eating the ping pong ball, killing Uncle Bedford, and Jason's rat, started when Julian reappeared.

Cheryl: What … what are you all doing here?
Penelope: Julian needs a body, Cheryl. So, we’re giving him yours!
[Cheryl screams]

Aunt Cricket said something that turned on a lightbulb. Could all of it be due to Cheryl's mental break?

She lashes out erratically whenever anyone comes close to finding her secret, and she stuffed Jason's dead body in a chapel. Those are not the actions of a completely sane person. What's worse is that she's dragged Toni into it.

Toni and Cheryl might be able to hide Bedford's body, but the Blossoms are going to dig deeper until Cheryl's secret gets exposed and they claim the business/house. Time is running out for them to make the right move: Getting rid of Jason's body and selling Thistlehouse. 

Jughead's grandfather being the original writer of the Baxter Brothers series wasn't a complete surprise. Riverdale Season 4 Episode 5 teased as much, what with the books and Forsythe's message.

(Our Riverdale Round Table theorized on the connection last week, too.)

What was surprising, on the other hand, was Mr. Dupont flipping a switch and going off on Jughead when his secret got exposed. Seriously, Mr. Dupont was the definition of triggered.

He previously had nothing but nice things to say about Forsythe the First and FP to Jughead. However, when Jughead brought it up, he went off like someone who wants to speak to the manager. He gave away that he did the shady act of stealing the book series.

Mr. Dupont's tirade exposed his true personality, as well as the true thinking of Stonewall Prep. The school and students look down on the non-wealthy, and they assume their privilege of getting whatever they want.

Hopefully, Jughead takes his findings to a legitimate literary investigator.

Mr. Chipping may have faltered, but if Jughead could distinguish easily between the writers, trained professionals could agree and support charging Mr. Dupont with fraud and theft.

Speaking of Mr. Chipping, I'm going to miss the character and Sam Witwer. He had a lot of sophistication, heart, and legitimately cared about Jughead's talent. 

Plus, it's Sam Witwer! He's so cute and geeky. (Just saying...)

Whatever drove Mr. Chipping to jump out of a window must've been a dangerous threat. Maybe the school held something serious on him? Or, maybe the Salon's secret society (theory!) vowed to destroy him for learning their secret of the Baxter Brothers series?

What makes the situation even scarier is that none of the Salon members flinched when Mr. Chipping jumped!

Brett, Joan, Johnathan, and Donna didn't bat an eyelash during the chaos. They either already knew it was coming or they're desensitized to it all. With Mr. Dupont now in charge of the Salon, Jughead needs to get out.

Unfortunately, the future has already been told. He's doomed.

Friendly Support - Tall - Riverdale Season 4 Episode 1

Last Thoughts From Sweetwater River:

  • If Hiram caused Dodger's attack, you know he'll come to collect from Archie. But, I also wouldn't be shocked if it was the Green Arrow who saved Archie. Nothing plot-related surprises me at this point.
  • Is Hiram campaigning to be the mayor, or is he going into the rum business? A strange retcon between chapters.
  • Archie's stand-off against Dodger gave major Riverdale Season 2 Episode 4 vibes. Major deja vu.
  • Cheryl went through a lot of effort to trap the Julian doll, but wouldn't hidden cameras work better to see if somebody moved the doll instead?
  • Penelope's return in Cheryl's nightmare confirms that she's returning at some point.
New Sisters - Riverdale Season 4 Episode 5

Now, over to you, Riverdale fanatics!

What did you think of "Chapter Sixty-Three: Hereditary"?

Why did Mr. Chipping kill himself? Who beat up Dodger? What is Charles and Chic's master plan?

If you missed the latest episode of Riverdale, you can watch Riverdale online via TV Fanatic. Come back here and share your thoughts in the comments.


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Riverdale Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

Cheryl: What … what are you all doing here?
Penelope: Julian needs a body, Cheryl. So, we’re giving him yours!
[Cheryl screams]

Hiram: I want to come home.
Hermione: You don’t live here anymore. Just … stop. Veronica and I are finally free of you.
Hiram: Is that what freedom looks like? Playing hostess at a teenager’s gin joint.
[Hiram takes off his shirt]
Hiram: Let me back in. You won’t have to work another day ever again. You’ll be my wife again.
Hermione: Over my dead body.
Hiram: That can be arranged.
[Hermione slaps Hiram]
Hiram: Was that foreplay or punishment?