"Friend or Foe"

This is the fall finale of Greek. The episode is titled "Friend or Foe."

"The Wish-Pretzel"

It's Thanksgiving break on Greek. What does that entail? Our recap has the answer.

"Fight The Power"

On this episode of Greek, Rusty fears Cappie might be ruining his new relationship with Lana. Read on for a complete recap.

"The Dork Knight"

A brawl breaks out between the Kappa Tau's and the Omega Chi's during this episode. Casey is pretty much to blame for it.

"Lost and Founders"

This is the sixth episode of the third season. During the hour, Casey looks for donations from visiting alums.

"Down on Your Luck"

Casey is determined to make ZBZ the best sorority around on this week's episode. It's titled "Down on Your Luck."

"High and Dry"

It's Dry Weekend on Greek. Let's take a quick look at what that means.

"Our Fathers"

This is the second episode of Greek's third season. It's titled "Our Fathers."

"The Day After"

Welcome to the third season of Greek. This premiere episode is titled "The Day After."

"Dearly Beloved"

Casey's grand-big sister, Kiki, is back for her wedding and all of the ZBZ girls are invited; Max proposes to Casey.

Greek Quotes

I do not go to the gym five times a week for my health!


But it's not the end of the world. Don't you read the scriptures I leave on your pillow? There will be signs.