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Thank you Uncle Manny!


It was very peaceful. Not the letter, that was full of threats.

Phil [about Walt's death]

She feels great. Her spirits are high, the whole family's high. There's your headline.


Jay: I don't know what they do in Columbia.
Gloria: No one does and don't ask.

Alex: Dear Miss Dunphy, we regret to inform you...
Haley: What? Don't leave me hanging!

Mitchell: I know how important winning is to Claire.
Cam: And I love to festoon things.

Phil: I'm just excited. After today you're going to be a councilwoman and I'm going to be a first husband.
Claire: If you don't stop filming, you're going to be MY first husband.

Our daughter might be going to college!!!


What? Like she'll be the first politician to make a promise she can't keep?!?

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