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Wow, and this Vietnamese prostitute can really ride a bull! I guess she's had a lot of practice, if you know what I mean.


Doctor: Boys, I'm afraid your fat little friend has suffered a head trauma.
Stan: What's the matter with him?
Doctor: Well, apparently he thinks he's a Vietnamese prostitute named Ming-Li.

Stan: (about the T&P Dolls) Oh, dude. We've GOT to get one of those!
Cartman: How much to play?
Carnie: Only five dollars for three balls, kid.
Cartman: Five dollars?! Jesus Christ!
Carnie: Don't worry, kid, it's easy; you just gotta put one ball through Jennifer Love Hewitt's mouth.
Cartman: That's easy!

Jimbo: What's all the ruckus over there?
Mayor: Sounds like somebody declared shenanigans.
Jimbo: Oh, hell, I have to run home and grab my broom!

Officer Barbrady: Young man, you can't just go around declaring shenanigans on innocent people; that's how wars get started!
Stan: Sorry, Officer Buttbaby
Officer Barbrady: Barbrady!
Stan: Oh, I'm sorry. What did I say?
Officer Barbrady: You said "Buttbaby"!
(The boys laugh.)

Stan: Do you mind if I watch cartoons? I've had a rough day.
Roy: (mumbles)
Stan: What?
Roy: Chores, do chores.
Stan: My dad lets me watch cartoons.
Roy: Well I'm not your dad, okay? I'M NOT YOUR DAD! Y.. you can't just go around playing games with my emotions! (Roy walks off crying)

Fat Abbot: Hey, Hey, Hey, what's goin down ya'll?
Rudy: Man Fat Abbot, what you doin on this side of the hood?
Fat Abbot: Ya know somethin' Rudy? You're like school in summertime.
Rudy: School in summertime?
Fat Abbot: Yeah bitch, school in summertime, open ya *beep* ears *beep* whore, I'll pop you're bitch ass.
Dumb Donald Clone: I'ma pop-a you're-a bitch-a ass-a to-ba.......bitcha!



Fat Abbot: Hey, Hey, Hey. What's goin' on Rudy?
Rudy: Man Fat Abbot, you need to lose weight.
Fat Abbot: I'll lose weight when I feel like it bitch, shut you're bitch ass mouth hoe.
Rudy: Bitch! I'll kick yo ass.
Stan: SWEET!
Fat Abbot: You think you slick you punk ass blasphemous dope-fiend bitch, I had my Jimmy waxed seven times last week, I'll bust a cap in you're *beep* ass *beep* head!
Kyle: Wow, cartoons are getting really dirty.

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