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Bart: You know, Conan, I have a lot to say. I'm not just a one-line wonder. Did you know that a section of rain forest the size of Kansas is burned every single
Conan: (uninterested) Just do the line.
Bart: (glumly) I didn't do it.
(crowd laughs and cheers)

Oliver Northhe was just poured into that uniform.


I didn't do it!


Milhouse: (pointing out the window) What's that building over there?
Box Factory Tour Guide: That's just a TV studio where they film Krusty the Clown and other non-box-related programs. Since it has nothing to do with boxes, I'll just shut these blinds.

Bart: (after his 15th minute of fame is up) What happened?
Krusty: Oh, don't worry about that. You're just finished, that's all.

Fifty-six boxes of bottles of beer on the wall, fifty-six boxes of bottles of beer, you take one down and pass it around, fifty-five boxes of bottles of beer on the wall!

</i> Principal Skinner and Martin

Krusty: Bart! I need to use you in a sketch.
Bart: You want me to be on the show?
Krusty: It's just one line. Mel's supposed to say it, but he's dead.
Bart: Dead?!
Krusty: Or sick. I don't know. I forget.

Kent Brockman: Yeah, I know I'm on...but I don't care! I don't read the news until I get my danish. Go ahead, try to find a replacement.
Bumblebee Guy: A powerful tidal wave in Kuala Lumpur has killed 120 people. Aye Chihuahua!

Oh and here's my office. If you will direct your eyes to the floor, you'll see a yellow line. Follow it! It will lead you around my desk, and back out the door.

Factory Worker
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