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In "Smokin' Hot", Wilhelmina marginalizes Betty during Fashion Week, but Daniel intervenes. Marc ends up stealing Betty's thunder, while the Suarez house mysteriously catches on fire.
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Somehow the Suarez house mysteriously catches fire during fashion week. But that is just the tip of the iceberg! Tune in Wednesday night at 10pm on ABC to find out!
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In "Chica and the Man", Wilhelmina is livid when she lays eyes on her drag queen impersonator. Betty gets first award for her blog writing - a Blobby and gets into a huge fight with Daniel about it.
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Betty plans a karaoke party on this week's episode. Wilhelmina and Daniel are back at each other's throats - will a couple's counseling session smooth things over? A city-wide blackout hits New York! Read our recap to find out what happens!
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Ugly Betty Quotes

Haaa you're mean - I love it!


Hilda: (Showing off her engagement ring) Do my hands look dry?
Betty: Too obvious.