Harvey and Mike faced some pretty tough cases this week, only made more complicated by the dirty little secrets associated with them. With all the laundry aired out were they able to pull through or did they find their perfectly tailored suits soiled? Read this week's review to find out.
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Two entrepreneurs struggled to find out what was ailing them and turned to HankMed for help. Paige continued to withhold her medical secret from Evan, and Jill and Hank's relationship remained complicated. Did everything work itself out? Read this week's review to find out!
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Lt. Rice and Whitehead teamed up to investigate the arson of the beloved Carver Theatre, while Dwight and his mom attended the release hearing of the man who killed his father. How did everyone fare? Read this week's review to find out!
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Steve: Go get um Professor Plum.
Danny: It's Jeffries

"My dad gave me a gun to hide."