Marti spends time with her half sister and hooks up with Julian again. Savannah loses her scholarship and her dad gets arrested. How did that play out? FInd out in our review.
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Amidst all the rumors flying around The New Directions, one member reveals a sobering truth. A visit from an old friend inspires Will to have the Glee Club do their own take on Fleetwood Mac's album "Rumours," but also forces him to question his future. Check out our review to get the full scoop.
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A famous photographer was murdered during a swim suit shoot, and the Five-O investigate. Chin Ho was called in by internal affairs after his uncle confessed to stealing the money from the police locker.
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The mind is a terrible thing to waste. Whether it was Silver cracking at the seams, Marla losing her grasp on reality, or Jen thinking she could play the role of good mother, women on the verge of breakdowns were all the rage in the Hills of Beverly.
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Beckett and Castle head to L.A. to investigate the murder of Mike Royce, Beckett's former training partner. What went down on the west coast? Find out in our review!
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Danny: How does a solid citizen end up pig food?
Kono: I don't know, but I think I'm done eating bacon.

Steve: Go get um Professor Plum.
Danny: It's Jeffries