The 100 Season 6: Everything We Learned From Conageddon 2019!

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Earlier this month, The 100 fandom came together in Boston for Conageddon 2019 to celebrate the upcoming season of the show and to enjoy the convention that promotes an intimate fan experience each year.

Conageddon is a convention that was created by Bob Morley, Eliza Taylor, Zach McGowan, Mike Gillespie, and Thomas Leath that focuses on bringing The 100 actors to the US more prominently.

It was with their hard work and with the valuable assistance from lovely volunteers throughout the weekend that made Conageddon as memorable as it is.

Bob Morley and Eliza Taylor at Conageddon 2019 - The 100

Having the actors involved in the creation was a great asset too, allowing for two parties for the fans that had the cast in attendance which helped create some great memories along the way.

There was also the addition of a live stream for several panels, giving fans that couldn't go the chance to see what was happening. This approach helped remove some of the false information that could spiral around on social media when there isn't video proof of what was said at the event.

All of these ideas blended together to create a unique fandom experience that attendees will be talking about for a while.

That is exactly what happened during St. Patrick's Day weekend from March 15th - 17th, with fans and the cast alike spending the weekend together talking about the show and trying to share some excitement for Season 6.

Cast members in attendance included Eliza Taylor (Clarke Griffin), Bob Morley (Bellamy Blake), Zach McGowan (Roan), Tasya Teles (Echo), Chelsey Reist (Harper), Luisa d'Oliveira (Emori), and Richard Harmon (Murphy).

As usual, there wasn't much that could be said about The 100 Season 6 because nothing has gotten been released that fans have seen yet. That doesn't mean though that there wasn't a way to tease the upcoming season, while also reflecting on the past for those cast members that have no clue what's to come. 

Bob Morley at Conageddon 2019 - The 100

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About The Show

Friendship was fresh on everyone's mind, with Eliza Taylor kicking off her panel with a question about Clarke and Octavia.

Eliza pointed out that Octavia turned a bit crazy, but she could have hope that they could repair that relationship. But it is understandable that after being in the bunker so long that Octavia is now this type of person.

Obviously, anything is possible, but it is probably a universal understanding as viewers that Octavia will need to go through quite a tour of forgiveness and change in order to explore any semblance of the close relationships she had with the people around her.

The 100 Season 5 was too dark because of Octavia's actions, and based on that newly released trailer photo and the promo pictures, she isn't brought into the main group just yet. 

Richard Harmon touched on a similar question about Murphy's relationships with other characters in the upcoming season. 

He said that some weaken and some strength, a perfect way to work around answering in detail. He did clarify later that there is a lot of Clarke and Murphy content in Season 6 because it is a significant relationship.

He didn't say that everything would be perfect so that we can assume maybe the two characters interact, but it isn't always in a positive sense of the word. 

That does add up with the way that Richard has commented on working with JR Bourne before, something that Eliza and Bob have mentioned at different conventions as well and we know they spend time together and with the new character during the season.

That doesn't mean this is the season pair off, but it sounds like at least at some points there will be a grouping of Bellamy, Clarke, Murphy, and JR Bourne's new peaceful leader addition of Russell. 

It is even possible that Russell appears very early on in the season with the way he is brought up by everybody. The newly released photo by Jason Rothenberg teases the characters in some sort of bar where they are looking at someone. 

One of the character's missing is Murphy, and Richard said at Conaggedon that his character will rely on alcohol a lot in Season 6. Coincidence? I think not.

Eliza Taylor at Conageddon 2019 - The 100

Focusing on character individual information, Bob supplied some info on where Bellamy stands in the new season.

Fans of The 100 Season 1 Bellamy Blake should prepare themselves because he said that Season 6 Bellamy is more in line with Season 1 Bellamy.

There are so many different ideas of what this might mean, and as always there are no clues to get us an answer just yet. 

Also, we have heard a little about how Bob Morley's actual knee injury will be included in the narrative because he wasn't able to walk or do as much as Bellamy is usually able to on the show.

Bob touched on how Season 6 was physically difficult for him because of that, and in a throwback to an SDCC interview, Jason did mention that they wrote the injury into the show by having Bellamy get stabbed. 

That sounds like it means that Bellamy won't be taking on as many stunts possibly, and mobility, in general, might be something to consider. 

Will this reflect the stories Bellamy will be involved in or will characters not venture as far as they usually do each season? Maybe there will be a home base of sorts that they will keep partially contained to. 

Bob also touched on the Blake sibling dynamic; he said that Octavia does go through growth in the season but their relationship will be tumultuous. 

Someone has to be in Bellamy's corner throughout the season though, right?

Well, that question was asked, only for Bob to transfer it to a conversation about how wild it is to build out a new world. He said it is like five seasons on speed and it feels like there's a lot of odes to Season 1 in worldbuilding. 

So there's at least that to look forward to, so far. 

Bob at Conageddon  - The 100

Another thing to maybe look forward to is Clarke making us laugh.

Yeah, you heard that right.

Eliza Taylor mentioned during her panel that while fans are expecting Clarke to make them cry, she may be doing the opposite a few times. It is a strange thought to consider, which sounds fitting for the upcoming season. 

Many of the cast have brought up that this upcoming season is unusual for this specific reason.

And Eliza drove that home one last time when she reminded us again how challenging the things she did this season were. Clarke is pushed to her absolute limit but in a fascinating way. 

There is no real grasp that fans can get on this considering there has been absolutely no context shared. It is wild guesses and theories season now that The 100 is almost a month away. 

Eliza at Conageddon  - The 100

An actor who might get unespected, fresh insight is Tasya Teles. 

She dove into Echo's reaction to Monty and Harper's video, saying she was told not to cry, but she couldn't hold it in during the first take because of the throughout process she had about what the couple meant to Echo.

That builds a bridge to another detail that Tasya shared about Echo being very protective of Jordan. 

There have been questions about who Jordan will interact with and how this new season and the insight on him and Echo is something to consider. It also sounds like it adds a layer to Echo's character about these friendships that she gained (and now lost). 

Tasya did mention again that Echo has a backstory presented in the narrative during Season 6, that she considers so incredible. 

All in all, it sounds like a lot is happening in this new season. Do fans have many concrete facts to play around with for now? Probably not.

But at least some details are being shared, and it sounds like actual conversations will be able to happen after WonderCon premieres the first episode of Season 6.

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The Bellarke Corner

Hello, darkness our old friend. 

But really, it is nice to be back in this familiar corner and have new content to potentially cover. Not much got revealed that we didn't hear from both Bob Morley and Eliza Taylor at NYCC during separate interviews, and yet there is always plenty for fans to dissect. 

Much in the spirit of Conageddon questions about Bellarke, Bob and Eliza spoke about their characters going into The 100 Season 6. The whole use one word to describe them tradition returned, with Eliza mentioning that Bellamy and Clarke will be strong in Season 6. 

Bob blew our minds when he answered a question about his favorite Bellarke scene in Season 6, turns out that he is there and Eliza is there, and they are together.

Eliza mentioned a bit more on that later during her panel, mentioning that leadership in the new season will include Bellamy and Clarke stepping up to that role. 

That is all she can say, and yet it opens the door for some intriguing theories, especially considering that both Eliza and Bob have said that they enjoyed working with JR Bourne in the upcoming season.

Maybe there's a leadership face off to look forward to, as well?

Bob and Eliza at Conageddon  - The 100

Shifting away from season spoilers, fan and panel questions alike had an intense theme of hypotheticals. People were very curious what a scene would look like if the writing had taken a different turn, which led to some answers we almost wish happened onscreen.

There was a question about Bellamy and Clarke conversations that should have happened in Season 5, with Bob saying he wished there was a conversation about the night blood solution working. 

Bob also supplied fans with a discussion on the whole Bellamy putting the flame in Madi arc during The 100 Season 5 Episode 9, where he talked about how he approached a storyline like that. He very much didn't want it to come off as manipulating a child, whether or not it worked. 

On the other side of things, when asked what if Octavia had put Bellamy and Clarke in the pit together, Bob added that the third person with them would be dead for sure.

Then came a few more complicated questions, specifically about the way that Clarke's love for Bellamy gets compared to her other romantic relationships in the context of the show. 

Eliza supplied her view of how Bellamy and Clarke are partners and how there is love there for sure. 

This answer probably walked hand in hand with a question about Bellamy and Clarke exploring romance at some point on the show, with both Bob and Eliza highlighting that they enjoy working together because of their close friendship.

There wasn't much that they could provide in terms of the writing on the show since that isn't their job, but they both emphasized the happiness that they get from any Bellamy and Clarke scenes that are offered to them. 

Bob and Eliza at Conageddon 2019 - The 100

Looking ahead, a fun fact for all fans is that the ending to The 100 Season 6 will not be satisfying. Bob mentioned that he had many questions so if you thought there was any chance we would potentially get a nice ending to hold us over, think again. 

That means The 100 needs to get a Season 7 renewal, because, in addition to us demanding answers by the end of it, it sounds like we will have more Bob Morley directing to look forward to, as well.

Once again at Conageddon, the entire cast mentioned how much they loved Bob directing them and how easy of a transition that was. Bob himself went a little deeper into the experience, saying he fell in love with directing after a few years of Jason Rothenberg suggesting that he try it.

He took a course with Warner Bros and definitely would want to continue to direct episodes of The 100 if the series were to go on. If not though, it sounds like Bob Morley will try to focus more on directing once The 100 comes to a close. 

Bob Morley at Conageddon - The 100

And in a more fun turn of events, Bob and Eliza both agreed that if Bellamy and Clarke went on vacation, it would have to be Australia.

It might not exist in the version that Bellamy and Clarke are living in right this very second, but it is still an entertaining opinion to think about. There is really no one who deserves a break as those two do, and what a full circle way for them to mirror their real-life counterparts?

As for The 100 based final questions, for those still thinking about that lingering scene post-Bellamy finding out about the radio calls, there may be something to get excited about here. 

Eliza mentioned that she wished there was more to that conversation, but they were pressed for time escaping an exploding planet.

Not all hope should be lost though, because Bob made it sound like they address it more in Season 6. 

It would make obvious sense for those radio calls, the ones that Clarke clung to for six years, to offer more value to the story than we have gotten so far.

There may have been no time before, but on a new planet when everyone is just hanging out by the campfire, it feels like there is nothing but time to address that. 

Nothing beats their outlook though on why Bellamy and Clarke were the ones chosen to wake up first and what the characters think about it. Regardless of the reason, Bob's headcanon of the situation seems to be that they probably looked at each other and thought, "Let's not try to kill this one." 

That was similar to Bellamy and Clarke's weirdly lousy luck with children, and the hope that has to be instilled with Monty and Harper leaving Jordan for them to look after.

Now that Madi is going through flame related leadership hurdles, it is definitely up Bellamy and Clarke to look out for her and Jordan, maybe with minimal issues getting in the way.

Is that too much to ask?

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Special Highlights from Conageddon

Eliza Taylor and Jo Garfein at Conageddon 2019 - The 100
  • Cancer Gets LOST partnered with the convention again this year to raise money to CURE Childhood Cancer from an online auction and two on-site fan auctions that helped benefit childhood cancer research and support the patients and their families.

    Jo Garfein, the official moderator of Conageddon 2019, raised around $15,000 altogether in an incredible outreach of fandom support channeled towards helping make a difference.

    The surprising part of the auction came from the Eliza and Alycia selfies that were finally auctioned off live for the people in the attendance at the panel. Four fans raised $6800 when you combine their bids for both of the selfies, an amazing act of kindness and a wonderful contribution to an important case.

    And for fans looking to help but that couldn't make it to Conageddon this year, there is always the chance to donate directly to CGL, in addition to the upcoming auction events that will be hosted in the future.

    The next online charity auction that fans can look forward to is the recently announced CGL TV Writers Room Doodles Charity Auction which will be opening in August 2019. 
  • Another bright highlight of the weekend were the terrific banner and posters created for the event by artist Rayna Parks. She was also responsible for virtually all of the graphics that got posted across Conageddon social media leading up to the weekend.

    Rayna put in a lot of hard work that played a part in promoting and working with the convention to create some lovely graphics.

    Her posters for each actor in attendance were donated to Cancer Gets LOST after the weekend, and Rayna sold some of her own The 100 art that might be seen in future auctions as well. 
Eliza Taylor and Luisa D'Oliveira at Conageddon 2019 - The 100
  • As for panel coverage, there would be no real way to keep up with everything that got revealed during the convention if it wasn't for the incredible updates courtesy of Jo from May We Geek Again, a podcast dedicated to covering The 100.

    This wonderful human meticulously kept up which all significant quotes and information that was shared, allowing fans not at the convention to feel like they were there. 
  • Lastly, for anyone looking for more photos from Conageddon could access plenty of moments from the official Facebook page. In addition to that, I got the privilege to take quite a few photos during Bob Morley's panel, Eliza Taylor's panel, and the joint Bob and Eliza panel on Sunday.

    My personal photos from those panels have been uploaded to an easy to access Dropbox page for any interested fans. It is open to everyone, and fans can save and do whatever they would like with the content. 

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The good news for those that attended or missed out this year but wanted to at some point, Bob Morley announced at the end of the weekend that Conageddon 2020 would be happening.

As for The 100 fans, the next thing to look forward to is the official trailer for The 100 Season 6, which should be released any day now and will give us actual footage of what is to come.

For now, though, we have this brand new photo from the trailer that Jason Rothenberg shared with fans over the weekend. 

It would make sense at least, with The 100 Season 6 premiere airing at WonderCon on March 31st, with Eliza Taylor, Bob Morley, Marie Avgeropoulos, Richard Harmon, Taysa Teles, Shannon Kook, JR Bourne, and executive producer Jason Rothenberg all scheduled to take part in a Q&A afterward.

Jason Rothenberg has confirmed that content will be rolling out starting this upcoming week, with set visit interviews and a possible trailer on the way.

Hopefully, we'll get the full trailer before the first episode of The 100 Season 6 rolls out. But it is possible that we will see it as a way to offer fans that didn't go to WonderCon something else to enjoy in the meantime. Regardless, if and when we get the trailer, TV Fanatic will be offering analysis and coverage on the new footage. 

The 100 returns on Tuesday, April 30 at 9/8c on The CW.

Stick around TV Fanatic for more features, slideshows, episode previews, and reviews of the upcoming season, and watch The 100 online if you need to catch up on the adventure.

Yana Grebenyuk was a staff writer for TV Fanatic. She retired in April 2021.

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